Are your hair extensions slipping out? It’s about time that you use our tape in hair extensions. With our tape extensions, we guarantee you that you will never have to worry about slippage since we only use superior quality blue tapes which are safe and non-damaging when attached to your locks. All our products are of premium quality and they last longer compared to other brands. We offer the widest range of tape hair extensions across Australia and all our products are sought after by most high-end salons in the entire country. Why suffer from slippage when you can wear ones that is specially made to hold onto your locks and is made of 100% remy human hair which you can treat just like your own hair?

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Hair tape in extensions can last anywhere from a couple of months all the way up to a couple of years if handled with proper care. The most important thing about them is the application and the actual tape used in attaching them. How they are applied is one of the most secure methods available in applying extensions that’s why it’s just sad to hear to that some of them still slip off. Now, let’s go over the reasons why they slip and learn the ways on how to prevent them from slipping.


1. Improper Application
This is the top reason of a slippage. Before you let your hairstylist apply the extensions, make sure that he/she is a trained and experienced one. Some stylists only get their knowledge on applying extensions through watching videos on youtube. You have to find a certified professional stylist that has undergone training. We are more than happy to recommend an installer if need be. They are not recommended for DIY also, however some clients to mange to do this. If you want to achieve gorgeous tresses that will last, seek help from an experienced professional and don’t just do it by yourself. Taping in extensions to your locks may seem easy but keep in mind that when they are not properly applied the hair will easily slide off. Proper application is vital if you want to save yourself from the embarrassment caused by a slip-out.

2. Using inappropriate hair products
Be very careful in choosing the products you use for your tape-ins. Avoid using chemical products which could only damage them. Use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner in washing them. Shampoos and Conditioners which contain sulphate cause the tape to break down over time resulting to a slippage since the tape can no longer hold the extensions. Keep away hair care products with alcohol also. Remember to keep off the products you use off the tape bonds. You may use oils and sprays but do not apply them directly on the bonds. Use only the right products to ensure a strong bond that could last for a number of months.

3. Lacks care and maintenance
Extensions are prone to build up which why we should make it a point to clean them from time to time. Some of us practically forget about them once they’ve been taped in. We forget that they need constant care for them to last. Keep in mind that even though they are identical with your own tresses, once they are damaged they can’t be repaired just like your natural locks. One important thing to remember is not to brush them while they’re still wet and damp or when you’re in the shower. Keep them clean using natural and sulphate-free products and do not use heating tools on the tape bonds.