Here are Shopping Tips for First Time Buyers of Clip In Extensions article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Tape in hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extension methods available in recent years. You may be wondering why majority of women prefer tape in hair extensions to getting semi-permanent hair attachments. In this article, we will give you crucial information that first-time buyers need to discover about tape in hair extensions.


What makes tape in hair extensions better than other hair extension methods?


  • Remy tape in hair extensions are easy to attach to your head. Depending on the quality of hair extensions, you can remove and reattach them three to five times.
  • Given that Remy hair extensions resemble the texture and colour of your actual hair, it blends well, making it look naturally fabulous.
  • The best tape in hair extensions can be styled and coloured whenever desired. HHEO offers tape  in hair extensions that are made of high quality human hair, which allows you to style hair extensions  and treat it like your natural hair.
  • Require minimal upkeep and maintenance. You will need to have a touch up every three to five months to make sure the extensions still blend well with your growing hair.


Here are tips when using tape in hair extensions


  • It is recommended to buy hair extensions that are one shade lighter than actual hair colour for a more natural look.
  • The tape in hair extensions should be a little longer than your actual hair. This will accommodate growing hair more efficiently, and it will continue to look as if it is part of your actual hair.
  • Choose a quality adhesive or bonding agent to ensure that the hair extensions are firmly secured to your head.
  • Treat your tape in hair extension the same way as you treat your natural hair. Make sure to keep it away from heat and maintain intense moisture by washing and conditioning it on schedule.


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