Tape Extensions Review

If you come to the www.humanhairextensiononline.com.au website and head up to our top navigation bar, you will find a section called “Happy Customers”. Click on the tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can read customer reviews. In this section you’ll be able to read hundreds and hundreds of honest tape extensions review on our products.

We are the leading tape hair extensions supplier in Australia we supply these exact extensions to thousand of salons all around Australia. We even have salons on the other side of the world including America and the UK that we regularly sell to as they just can’t find the quality over there.

Our tape extensions are so good that if you look after them properly you can have the same set for 1 to 2 years. We have hairdressers who use them in their salons and regularly tell us that they have never ever had extensions anywhere near as good.

We’ve also been told by them that they have at times mistakenly gone elsewhere to test out a much cheaper product and come straight back because they’ve been so disappointed with our competitor’s quality.

If you will also like to find more tape extensions reviews then you could check other websites like youtube or Womo where you will be able to find several hair extensions reviews. If you would like to talk to some of the hair salons we have been supplying to for a few years we’re more than happy to put you in touch with them they will tell you exactly how good our hair is.

One thing that you should be aware of is that for the hair to remain good quality you do have to look after it. We give you a list of instructions which you can follow but even if you don’t follow these instructions the hair will still outlast competitors due to its quality.

We do have a lot of clients who do trash the hair and they still hold up very well and is more than likely going to be in a better condition than your own hair. When you are shopping for a tape extensions beware of any companies claiming to sell European or Russian hair for under the $1000 mark because I can guarantee you that this is false advertising and they are just lying to your face.

99.9% of salons in Australia are selling Indian hair or Asian hair. I just like making this clear because I am sick of seeing other companies making a fool of their clients and lie to them about what they’re actually selling.

We are happy to admit that we sell high quality Asian remy hair that’s the best remy hair on the Australian market, hence, why we are stocked in so many salons. You can buy with confidence. I’m sure after you read our tape extensions reviews you will be more than satisfied and happy to proceed to checkout and purchase our high quality hair extensions.

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