It’s one thing to see a few strands on your hairbrush, pillow, bed, and clothing. Seeing so many strands on your brush, your sheets, and clothes, on the other hand, is another thing entirely. The latter is excessive hair loss, which eventually leads to thinning and the formation of bald spots. While both effects of excessive hair loss will definitely ruin your overall appearance, there is a workaround in the use of any of the different Human Hair Extensions Online products available. Another workaround is the use of garlic as a remedy for excessive hair loss.

Using Garlic as Hair Loss Remedy

Garlic Salve:
1. Juice garlic. Get eight garlic cloves. Peel, then crush using a garlic press. Expect to obtain a tablespoon garlic juice from cloves.

2. Get your honey. Set aside garlic juice. Then pour one tablespoon honey into tiny bowl filled with garlic juice. Place the resulting mixture inside the refrigerator.

3. Brew chamomile tea. Whilst waiting for the mixture to chill, brew two bags chamomile tea. If you do not have chamomile tea in your home, use three tablespoons loose leaf tea instead. Add the latter to one pot filled with water, then place pot on stove. Allow tea to simmer for half an hour.

Pour the brewed tea into cup. If loose leaf tea was used, strain as you pour mixture.

4. Finish creating the salve. Once you have finished the tea, take garlic and honey mixture from fridge, then mix a single egg yolk to mixture. It might take a while to combine since the honey will be stubborn and thick by then.

Add a tablespoon aloe vera gel next, then mix properly together.

5. Use your salve. Massage mixture to scalp, not your hair. Once applied, wrap head with clean cotton towel, and leave mixture on for twenty minutes.

6. Wash mixture from hair with gentle shampoo, preferably baby shampoo. Thoroughly rinse. Next, massage another egg yolk to scalp. Rinse with warm water.

7. Finish the cycle. Once you have completely removed the yolk, it’s time to apply the chamomile tea to hair again.

Do the above up to three times per week until shedding stops.

Other Ways to Benefit from Garlic

* Pure garlic oil. Massage to scalp before shampooing hair. You can pre-warm the oil before using it so that it’s more comfortable and easier on the scalp. Repeat up to three times each week until the shedding stops.

* Hair products infused with garlic. You can use hair oils and hair masks that contain garlic.

* Add garlic to any mild shampoo you want to use. Chop three garlic cloves and add them to mild shampoo. The mild shampoo should be used thrice a week.

* Garlic consumption. Although there exists no evidence that garlic consumption helps with hair loss, there is reason to think it might be able to do so. As such, it makes sense that you make garlic consumption a habit.

While waiting for shedding to stop (or at least go back to normal), you can have tape extensions from Sydney AU set up on your head for the meantime. Just make sure they are set up by a professional stylist so they will not end up making the problem worse.