You have bought your first synthetic hair wig, do you have an inkling on how to prolong its shelf life? No worries, this article are meant to help you take care of your hair piece the way it should be cared for. Hair pieces made from synthetic material, should be wash every 2 weeks and will get more often like weekly towards the end of its shelf life.

Good thing it is not attached to your hair permanently so it doesn’t get dirty that often. And the base or cap is more prone to get oil stain as it touches your scalp. You know when your wig is going to need some washing when it’s tangly or clumpy.

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For washing. you can use a basic shampoo used for synthetic hair. Using this shampoo can eliminate that synthetic shine on your wig that just makes it obviously fake. And for conditioner you can try which ones works best on your unit. A hydrating conditioner that is sulfate-free is the best option for your synthetic piece as it provides moisture without feeling coated. Choose the conditioner that leaves your faux hair soft and bouncy.

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You can try a laundry detergent as many women claimed it worked for them it might work for you that is if you’re really penny pinching.

A fabric conditioner is also a famous choice but a then again. you need to experiment which one works best for you whether it is scented or unscented it’s the result of the hair after the wash which is important so take note of the final outcome. Is your hair soft or does it leave the hair dry?

Before washing your synthetic hair it is good practice to brush the hair thoroughly with a tangle brush. Fill bowl with cold water and thoroughly wet the hair before applying the shampoo. Take note, never use hot water as it can alter the hairstyle. Leave it soaked for about 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

You can now dip it in water with a generous amount of hair conditioner and leave it to soak for 30 minutes or go overnight if you wish, doesn’t matter. Rinse, then gently squeeze out the water. Do not ever wring it, instead wrap it in a large towel and remove excess water by stepping on the towel.

Hang your synthetic wig up to dry on a clip hanger in an upside down manner. This type of wig dries up faster than the real hair wig so you don’t have anything to worry about if you’re planning to wear it in the morning as it can be good as new and ready to be used.

That wasn’t pretty hard was it? Your synthetic wig can certainly go a long way if you care for it properly.