If you are looking for synthetic hair extensions that are very affordable, then you look for the highest quality there is which is Kanekalon fiber. Kanekalon fiber is heat resistant so you are free to style your hair, using blowers, flat or curling iron. Experience one of a kind synthetic hair extensions that is sure to change the way others look at you. But if you are after a more lasting hair extensions try our Remy hair extensions so you can reuse them up to 24 months.

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There are 3 types of synthetic hair that tops the list. The Kanekalon is the most common one which is actually made from Modacrylic. This fiber is fire retardant so you can burn the ends to secure the braids. It is light and soft with a natural body. It has been widely used for the past 50 years because of its quality and it also heat-friendly fiber. It looks realistically natural and behaves like human hair.


The other brand fiber is the Toyokalon which is more expensive compared to Kanekalon. This looks and feels almost like a human hair. It is silkier in texture and has more sheen than any other synthetic fibers. This fiber is specially used for wavy or curly styles because it has the tendency to maintain the curls for a longer period. Compared to other synthetic fibers this is the least likely to tangle. And although it might look like a natural hair, their extra glossy appearance would make it look unreal one.

The cheapest is synthetic hair made from Polyptolene. This type is not flame retardant so it should never be subjected to heat at any time. To finish off the braid, an elastic band is used to seal it off successfully. And because of its limitations the hair industry has decided to phase this material out of the hair extensions market.

Now Science added a new development, a high temperature fiber also known as HT (heat resistant) fibre. This behaves like 100% human hair which can also be curled and straightened using ceramic heating tools. It is important to remember that when choosing a synthetic hair pick one that is heat resistant and flame retardant as well.

Now that I have shared with you the type of synthetic fibre, I hope you have more or less an idea which one will work best for you.

Get ready to shine with your synthetic hair extensions!