At Human Hair Extensions Online we have a very limited range of synthetic hair extensions. We have them in a ponytail range which is very cheap and it’s great if you want to use it only a couple of times,for a fun night out, fancy dress party or something like that.

Synthetic hair is definitely not worth getting if you’re going to be wearing it all the time. If this is the case then you definitely want remy human hair. We also have a synthetic hair range in our tape extensions range. We sell human hair and synthetic hair.

The synthetic hair was more brought just to test the market if people were actually looking for and it has turned out to be not an overly popular item. It has been popular for people to buy 2 pieces to put in their hair as a fun streak especially with our bright fashion colours as we have brought pinks, orange, green, purple, reds, and blues.

But you definitely would not want to put a full head of synthetic tape hair extensions in your hair. I would highly recommend if you are looking at buying hair extensions to definitely take the remy human hair extensions option, basically because the quality is so much better it won’t easily knot up and you can curl it. It’s just not going to annoy you in fact you are going to be happy with the product.

Synthetic hair is going to knot up it’s going to be frustrating constantly removing all the knots. There are just not many positives about synthetic hair unless it’s just for one night or just that fashion streak which is easy to be manage.

There are certain companies in the Australian hair extensions market that will actually sell a human hair and synthetic hair mix. And generally claim it to be 100% human hair. You would generally know by the price point, if somebody is selling a huge amount of hair for a low price like $60 then you can be sure that there is a great chance you’re going to be getting a non-remy hair / synthetic hair mix. That’s just going to turn into a bird’s nest can be completely unmanageable after the first wear.

There are different types of synthetic hair, the most popular one is Kanekalon fiber this is a Japanese designed synthetic hair. And it can be straightened and is resistant to heat which is great, this is what our synthetic hair ponytails and synthetic tape extensions are actually made from.

So if you do want to buy synthetic hair make sure it is Kanekalon fiber as this is the top of the range. A lot of wigs are made of synthetic hair this is because they are cheap and some people can’t afford a full human hair wig but I can assure you that it would honestly worth saving that a bit harder for a little bit longer to get yourself a remy human hair extensions wig.

We don’t actually offer wigs on our website but it is a product we’re looking at bringing in. If you would like a wig, we can custom order them for you as we have for many clients in the past. So if you do have a wig enquiry, please feel free to contact our customer service and we would be more than happy to make a custom order to help you out.