Don’t you just hate it when your hair is full of knots and you continuously find yourself painfully trying to brush them out? Well unfortunately this problem is also commonly caused with synthetic blonde hair extensions.

Synthetic hair pieces, although cheaper, do have their drawbacks compared to high quality Remy alternatives. The reason they are cheaper is because they are easier to produce, however they  tend to wear out and tangle easily unlike 100% human Remy hair which is totally tangle-free with usual care.

  • There are dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind.
  • When de-tangling synthetic hair extensions always use a wide-tooth comb to avoid hair to fall off unnecessarily, thus maintaining its original look.
  • Comb you hair from ends to roots by working through small portion so as not to stress the synthetic hair.
  • Remove all knots from the hair before washing the hair.
  • Select products that are intended for caring for synthetic hair.
  • To prevent extensions from expanding and tangling gently wet the hair with warm water.
  • Only use soft bristle brush when styling your hair extensions.
  • Do brush the hair two to three times a day to prevent tangling.
  • The hair should be air dried after washing.
  • Do protect the hair during exercise by putting it up in a ponytail.
  • Do wear a swimming cap when swimming to avoid chlorine or salt water from harming the hair.
  • Hair should be fully dried and carefully tied up before going to sleep to avoid tangling.
  • Do use a modest amount of conditioner to keep it soft without weighing it down.
  • Always seek out the help of a professional in times of treatment as they know the best for your hair.

Here are the don’ts that you need to remember in order to lengthen the life span of this type of extensions.

  • Never sleep when hair is wet or damp.
  • Do not use hair dryer to dry off your hair as it could melt the hair.
  • Do not use flat irons or curling irons as this type of hair cannot withstand heat.
  • Avoid using hair care products which may carry harmful chemicals that can dry the hair.
  • Do not perm, color or use chemical process treatment on the hair to avoid damaging effects

Keep posted for more hair adventures…have a great hair day everyday with hair extensions!

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