Styling Tips for Tape Hair Extensions Melbourne article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Tape in hair extensions are the answer to long, luscious locks minus the hassles. Hair extensions used to be tedious and expensive, but with the introduction of tape hair extensions, you too can look like a celebrity anytime you want without breaking the bank.


If you’re still wondering what advantages tape in extensions deliver, here are some facts about tape in extensions that will make you want to buy one soon!


  • Luscious-looking with Natural feel


Remy tape in hair extensions look and feel like natural hair. This hair extension type lies flat against the head thus ensuring 100% comfort at all times. It is recommended to invest in high-quality Remy tape in hair extensions as the cuticles are intact and oriented in the same direction. Remy tape hair extensions are easy to style, similar to natural hair.  Quality tape in extensions made from Remy or natural hair doesn’t easily tangle nor suffer from matting.


  • Easy to install and remove


Other types of hair extensions such as weft hair extensions take a long time to install. You also need to go to the salon to get a professional put them on properly. On the other hand, tape in hair extensions can be installed at home in less than an hour. You don’t need to be a highly skilled stylist at putting on tape in extensions. The hairs are firmly bonded to strips that attach to real hair.


  • Low maintenance hair extensions


If you invest in Remy tape in hair extensions, there are no additional maintenance requirements to keep in mind. You treat them as you would your natural hair. Consequently, you can blow dry, iron, and colour your tape in extensions however you desire. Occasional hair care will be required to retain their perfect volume, length, and shape.


  • Zero damage to your hair

Unlike other hair extension types, tape extensions do not cause damage to both scalp and natural hair. You don’t have to worry about big bald patches when you use tape in hair extensions. You can even use tape ins to cover flaws revealed by a damaged hair.


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