Do your strands resemble bristles of a straw or corn broom? Do they lack shine and break easily? When you have a hair like this, it can be super frustrating. We know the struggle of every girl with hair problems that’s why we make it a point to help you overcome such issues by providing you professional hair care tips. Aside from that, we also offer a wide range of non-damaging hair products which can help you improve your tresses. If you want to get absolutely long and gorgeous locks in an instant, wear a set of our premium class Remy hair extensions.

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There are a number of reasons why we get straw like hair. Our lifestyle, our hairstyling routine, hair care regime and our food choices all contribute to the overall health of our locks. If you encounter hair issues, it may be because you’ve subjected your strands to too much styling, heat, and chemicals. It could also be that they are not protected and well taken care of. Having straw like hair is a minus factor to your overall appearance. It gives people the impression that you don’t give enough attention to yourself. If your hair is already dry, frizzy and straw like in texture, we can help you fight against that. Here are easy ways you can manage and repair straw-like strands.

Shampoo gently
Your strands are already brittle due to lack of moisture. Washing your tresses thoroughly using harsh shampoos can make them become more brittle. The best thing to do is look for a mild shampoo, preferably sulphate-free, and use this every other day. Don’t use it on a regular basis as this will strip off the natural oils in your locks. Gently rub your scalp and at the roots to remove dirt. Don’t shampoo at the midshaft down to the ends. The lower part of your strands tends to be drier than the top portion.

Rinse with cold water
We highly recommend that you rinse your locks with cold water. It closes the cuticles and seals in moisture which results to smoothness. Rinsing hot water causes dryness and frizziness. You may use warm water right before you apply the shampoo as this helps in opening the cuticles to allow the shampoo to do its job.

Use a wide tooth comb when hair is wet
If you’re in a hurry and need to style your locks even if it’s still wet, use a wide tooth comb to style rather than a hairbrush. Also when drying your locks, we advise that you use a t-shirt to wrap around your head instead of a regular towel. Doing so protects your mane from any damage.

Protect from heat
Heat is our hair’s number one enemy. Whether it’s the heat from the sun or from your heat styling tools. Before you go out of the house, make sure to put on a hat. We know how much you love your heat styling tools but you have to be extra careful when you use them. They can be super damaging especially when you don’t protect your strands right before you use these tools. Never forget to spray on some heat protectant before you start using your hair straightener or curler. Don’t use these tools regularly and give your tresses a break from all the heat and styling.