We all have experienced hair cut gone bad in one way or another. It’s most probably because you are too hasty in your decision to have the same haircut as your favourite celebrity stars only to find out too late that it does not look good on you as it did on them.

This because we have different face shape so hairstyles matters. Specific hairstyles look great on specific face shape. This is the reason why you need to know your face shape to know what hairstyle enhances your features.

Getting a bad haircut can be scary, frustrating, and can create a great deal of anxiety. In fact it can dampen your spirits for a while until you get it solve. So let us go through all the stages and resolve them one by one.

First stage would probably be the realization that the cut you wanted didn’t get the kind of result you expected. Unfortunately, there is no way for your hair to grow any faster than you want it to be. Some might go in panic attack but relax you will need to think calmly on the best options you will have.

Next stage would be slowly accepting that this is your current hair style now. You would probably asking why me? You wish the earth could just swallow you up right here, right now. Just remember there are things that you can do you minimize your nightmare.

The third stage, you will have come up with possible solution like a bobby pin here and there can straighten out this mess of a hair, or will it? It sort of looking like normal but deep down you doubt if it ever would.

Fourth stage, would swing out to the bad side again making you feel awful all over again. Seems like nothing you do is right. No matter how you brush it still does not look right.

Your friends will be trying to console you with good words however you know it was just to make you feel good. This is the fifth stage. You find their words empty and think that they are just too kind to say the truth right to your face.

Next, you will be reminding yourself over and over that your hair is going to grow out and everything will be right again. Consoling yourself that this is a natural process because hair grows eventually as days pass by.

Seventh, you will become interested in hats or other hair accessories that can cover your bad haircut. Even if you were not a “hair accessories person” your sudden fascination to hair pieces will be magnified. In fact, I bet you will be purchasing new hair extensions to cope with your nasty haircut while waiting to grow your hair back.

Ahh at last you found yourself believing that your nightmare is slowly vanishing with a ray of sunshine coming in. Your newly installed hair extensions never looked this good. There’s still hope after all.

By this time you might have grown some of the hair back and is ready to be styled again—of course not the same one who butchered your tresses but a new hairstylist, one that is highly recommended by a friend.

Sometimes you might want to try the daring cut again just to prove to yourself that it’s not the haircut but the hairdresser. Do your own research and decide. You have to check if that specific hairstyle would look great with your face shape before proceeding with the same cut that made your life miserable at one point.

Remember haircuts can make or break you so don’t go and cut your hair on an impulse. Go consult your hairstylist and do your own research to ensure that you will look 100% fabulous!