There are four situations where a simple hairstyle may be necessary. The first is when you no longer have enough time to do a complex hairstyle, like when you’re running late for work. The second is when the event calls for a simple hairstyle. The third is when you feel like sporting a simple hairstyle instead of a complex one. The fourth is when you’re putting a Human Hair Extensions Online product to the test.

But just because a simple hairstyle is necessary for a certain situation does not mean your hair cannot stand out and/or help in improving your overall appearance. Want proof? Try these simple and cute hairstyles guaranteed to turn heads, especially if you have human hair clip in extensions set with your actual locks.


The Simple Chignon

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The chignon is a classic that can be best described as a cross between a bun and ponytail. If you are going for this hairstyle, get four small and two large bobby pins ready.

 * Get a comb and use it to give your hair a middle part. Gather your hair back afterwards.

* Twist your hair. With one hand, gather all hair strands and twist it clockwise by rolling the wrist. Do this gently to prevent hair breakage and hurting your scalp. Make sure to keep on twisting until all hair from nape to tips is in a perfect spiral.

* Coil hair in a tight bun. Keep the twisted spiral intact with one hand. Using the same hand, start wrapping the spiral clockwise around the base. Keep the bun intact by placing the pointer finger of the other hand at the center of the base. By the time you reach the end, wrap tips under the bun itself.

* Note that a counterclockwise chignon is an equally cute option. If going for this style, begin by twisting hair counterclockwise.

* Secure wrapped hair. Get the big bobby pins and use them on both sides of your head. Any minor changes to the shape of your bun can be made by pulling edges gently using your fingers. Once the desired shape is achieved, pin into place with the smaller bobby pins.

* Add finishing touches to the chignon by adding more volume to the hairdo. To do this, get a comb. Slide the tail of the comb under the hair at the crown. Then pull hair slightly upward and out of your bun.The same method can be used on the bun exterior.


Headband Tuck

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* Slide a headband to the crown of the head. The front part of the headband must be positioned so it will rest at the top of the forehead. Move the back part of the headband where the tuck needs to be.

* The headband should fit correctly. Make sure it’s tight enough to remain in place. At the same time, it should be loose enough that hair can be tucked into it. The headband is tight enough if two fingers can slide comfortably under the headband.

* Tuck hair into your headband. Start at the front and tuck hair in sections.

* If the hairdo looks flat, volume can be added to it. Get a comb and insert it gently under your hair at the crown. Then lift the comb carefully to pull hair out a little.