Oil may be great a remedy to the problem of hair becoming dry due to the daily application of shampoo, but if its application is not done correctly, you cannot expect to benefit from its use. With improper application, you cannot expect your locks to look as great as Human Hair Extension Online products.

Choosing an Oil to Use

1. Determine how many oils should be used. You may use one to three oils on your hair, depending on the desired result and your budget for hair oil. There are two basic oil types, and these are 1. carrier oils and 2. essential oils. The former is a base into which essential oils will be mixed, and can be used alone. As for the latter, they are more concentrated, and need to be diluted with a carrier oil. Once this is done, it must then be applied to the roots and scalp.

2. Choose a carrier or base oil. A base oil is necessary regardless if you plan on diluting an essential oil into it or not. Options include almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. Each has a different set of advantages and disadvantages.

3. Select an essential oil to dilute. Your choices are rosemary oil, which stimulates blood flow to improve root and follicle health; grapefruit, which stimulates hair growth and balances oily hair; and rose, which prevents hair loss.

How to Apply Base Oil

1. The best way to prepare the hair is by combing through it, as this prevents tangling and messy application. However, you can also opt to wash strands before washing.
2. Applying oil to hair can be a messy exercise, so spread paper or old cloth towels all over the area where you will be working. Some areas to cover include floors and table surfaces.
3. Pour a teaspoon of oil onto your palm. Rub hands together, then spread oil throughout the scalp.
4. Divide hair into a couple of parts by splitting it down the middle of the scalp and pulling the two sections in opposite directions. Pull the left section to the left, then pull the right section to the right.

5. Treat the strands with oil, making to sure to pour only a single teaspoon of oil onto your palm at a time, only adding more when necessary.

How to Apply Base and Essential Oils

1. Comb dry hair to untangle strands.

2. Spread paper or old cloth towels all over your work area.

3. Mix both base and essential oils in your palm. To do this, pour one teaspoon of base oil to your palm, followed by three drops of essential oil. Rub hands together to spread both oils over the palms and fingertips.

4. Rub mixture deep into the scalp.

5. Comb hair once more before dividing into a couple of parts by splitting it down the middle of the scalp.

6. Apply base oil throughout the length of your locks.

Proper application of oil allows your locks to look as shiny and feel as smooth as tape hair extensions from AU. So if you currently do not have a habit of using and applying oil to your head, it’s not too late. Start now and see your strands improve in time.