Tired of having fine and lifeless tresses? We now have the perfect solution to that! Considered to be the most invisible method among all hair extension application methods, skin weft extensions are suitable for any type of hair and are highly recommended for those with fine tresses. Human Hair Extensions Online is one of the only few companies across Australia who offers authentic version of the product. If you want quick and easy hair thickening and volumizing solutions, browse through our extensive variety of superior quality hair extensions. Get your fast ticket here to a gorgeous long and thick mane.

You can check our popular method, tape-in hair extensions:


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Why try this method
Skin weft hair extensions are the newest edition of the popular tape in extensions. They have their wefts covered with hair instead of silicon bond which you normally see with the regular tape ins, making them totally undetectable and natural looking. Skin weft extension appears like it is attached from your own scalp which is basically, how it got its name. It creates the illusion of real hair naturally growing from your own skin. They are the best extensions available for people with fine hair because of how less conspicuous they are compared to the others.

They feel and appear like your own natural locks and just like your own tresses, you can pretty much do whatever you want with them. Especially if they are made of 100% remy human hair, you can absolutely style, dye and cut them in any way you wish to.

Typically, they are installed in the same manner as regular tape ins. An appropriate section of your hair is sandwiched in between two wefts. Others prefer to wear a variation of skin weft and a normal tape in. Instead of applying two skin wefts, they apply a regular tape in at the back and the skin weft on top.

A standard piece is 4cm in width and 0.8cm long. A full head set would require 40 pieces however, if you want more volume, you will need to use at least 60 pieces. If you are suffering from thinning hair due to a medical condition, you will be advised to just wear around 10-30 pieces. The installation process can be quite tricky, it would be best to seek help from a professional or go to your trusted hairdresser for optimal results. Since, they move down along with your growing locks, you will need to reapply them after 6-8 weeks. They usually last long, about 12 months of use or more if well taken care of.

One thing to keep in mind when using any kind of hair extensions is you have to put extra effort in maintaining them. Unlike your natural strands, they don’t get as much nutrients and oil. To keep them clean and in great condition, wash them using sulphate free shampoos. Apply conditioner to the tips occasionally, to keep the strands moisturised. Keep them silky and soft by applying treatment as well. When you heat style, make sure to put on a heat resistant spray to protect them from drying and damage.