There are two ways to apply aloe vera on your hair. One is by using a gel, shampoo, or conditioner that contains aloe vera. The second is by extracting the gel of the plant by hand and then applying it to your head in place of regular, leave-on, and deep conditioner. While the former option is enough to make your hair ready for the installation of Human Hair Extension Online products, going for both options (except buying aloe vera conditioner) allows you to improve your hair without spending much.

Using the Gel of the Aloe Vera Leaf in the Shower

* Pick an aloe vera leaf and slice it down the middle portion. Slowly move the knife to prevent slipping and cutting yourself accidentally.

* Get a tablespoon and use it to extract two tablespoons of gel. The gel to extract should be the clear gel in the leaf, not the yellowish gel you can find near the ends of the leaf. Place the clear gel in a tiny container that can be placed in the shower, such as a plastic food container.

* Apply gel as though it were the conditioner you normally use. Work the plant extract into your locks, moving from roots to tips. You can let the gel sit in your hair for about ten minutes if you want.

* Rinse the gel out. Notice your hair becoming softer while you do this.

Using Aloe Vera as Leave-In Conditioner

* Obtain a spoon to use in mixing two tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a bowl of water. Don’t stop stirring until the mixture looks smooth and even.

* Add essential oils to the mixture if you want to. While aloe vera gel smells good already, the addition of a few drops of essential oils like lavender will make the conditioner smell even better.

* Pour all ingredients inside a spray bottle, then seal. Shake the bottle vigorously until the mixture looks even.

* Use the resulting mixture in place of hairspray. After washing your hair in the shower, spray the mixture to strands. Notice your hair becoming a bit softer after application.

Using Aloe Vera as Deep Conditioner

* Obtain coconut oil and warm it in the microwave. Make sure to use only the exact amount you need, and that you warm it until it takes on a liquid form.

* Mix one tablespoon aloe vera into coconut oil.

* Gently whisk ingredients together with a fork or wire whisk until the mixture looks even.

* Shampoo hair. Afterwards, place a tiny amount of the mixture onto the head. Use your fingers to work mixture from roots to tips. Keep working the mixture into strands until you have all of them coated evenly.


* Leave the mixture in your hair for ten minutes. Once that time has passed, rinse the mixture out with running water. Notice your hair becoming as soft and silky as tape hair extensions from Sydney even as you rinse your hair.