Virgin Coconut oil is a one of the most hugely beneficial extracts available today, but what are the true benefits?

You might be surprise at how much it can help improve our bodies from head to toe and even inside to out. It’s an inexpensive way to look after yourself.

Here is what you can gain from this magical oil for which many women have already attested to its effectiveness.

  • Intensive Conditioning  – Coconut oil absorbs into the hair shaft because it’s structure is similar to the structure of human hair and its rich fatty acid content softens and conditions the hair from the scalp to the roots. It can also reverse chemical damage to hair and help damaged hair regain its original health in no time.
  • Whiter Teeth – Despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence  to support this claim you may want to try it yourself to see if it really works!
  • Tamed Frizzes- Effectively coconut oil removes unsightly frizzes and keeps them in control giving you the best hair ever.
  • Nightly Skin Treatment- As a night cream, coconut oil aids the locking in of moisture, therefore hydrating the skin. The fatty acid content maintains the skins natural lipid barrier.
  • Make-Up Remover- This particular oil functions as an anti-bacterial and has gentle grime-removing action whilst caring for the skin beneath the make-up which. Make-up artist and formulator Rose-Marie Swift recently endorse the use publically. Absolutely a healthier option to synthetic chemical concoctions we have on the market today.
  • Hair Mask that Works Miracles- Applying this oil three times a week can bring dull hair back to health. Massage unto hair and wrap with a heated cap or warm towels, let it stay for an hour and rinse with shampoo; for extremely damage you can let it stay overnight and wash it out in the morning.
  • Wonder Massage Oil – Since this oil does not absorb easily into the skin it is great for massage where long lasting lubrication is absolutely necessary.
  • Make Nails Stronger- Coconut oil nourishes your nails and prevent them from breakage by making them stronger.
  • Lavish Body Scrubbing – Mix coconut oil with sugar or salt to exfoliate that dead skin and bring out the glowing skin lurking beneath that dull skin. Great for your feet too since it does not only a good foot spa but has anti-fungal properties to combat skin issues.
  • A Deodorant – The oil’s anti-bacterial properties, when mixed with other natural herbs and powders, may assist in the effectiveness of the deodorant.