There are a variety of hair extensions available in the market. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s for you to decide which among them would best fit your needs and personal taste. Although, we highly recommend that you seek help from the experts to get the best results. If you want high quality and durable hair extensions, you can get that here at Human Hair Extensions Online. We offer a wide range of first class extensions which are all made of authentic remy hair. Our products are available in different lengths and colors.

You can check our popular method, tape-in hair extensions:


Hair is an important factor to our overall look. We can’t leave the house without brushing and styling our mane. We loathe bad hair days and during these days, we don’t even feel like going outside. Hair extensions were made to help women survive such stressful days and fix other hair problems. They give women the chance to have longer voluminous gorgeous hair in an instant. During special occasions and parties, nothing can go wrong when we have a set of extensions in hand. The longevity of these products is an important factor to consider when choosing the right extensions to wear. If you want something that’s not easily detachable as clip ins, it would be a great idea to go for semi-permanent hair extensions. They may cost more than clip ins but they pay off eventually. They are more durable and look more natural especially when installed by a professional. Here’s a list of the different types of semi-permanent extensions. Get to know the pros and cons of each type to decide which among them best suits you.

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1. Tape in
This type is one of the most popular and a favorite of many. It’s super easy to install, easy to manage and comfortable to wear. The wefts are attached to your strands using a durable adhesive tape. Upon installation, you divide your hair into many sections and sandwich each section with two tape in wefts. It is best to go to a salon and ask a specialist to do the installation for you. In this way, you can guarantee satisfying results. Tape ins need to be installed properly otherwise, you may suffer from slippage and damage later on. They usually last for up to six months. The trick to making them last longer is just proper maintenance. Make sure to keep them tangle free and moisturise the ends with a quality conditioner. Avoid applying hair oil at the roots as this would result to breaking of the tape bonds.

2. Sew in/braided
Sew in, first became popular in the African American market. The method is perfect for natural curly and kinky hair but today it is widely used by other ethnicity as well. They are attached through placing a braid or two just at the back of the head. The braid serves as the base where the wefts are sewn in. They last for about 3 to 4 months, depending on how you maintain them. However, this type of extensions is not for everyone which is one of its biggest downside. This is not suitable for people with thin locks and those who have sensitive scalp or any scalp problems. We advise not to install your sew in without a professional help. The method can be quite tricky and could result to damage if not done the right way.

3. Micro bead
This method requires good skills to achieve great results that’s why it is highly recommended that an expert should do the installation. The extensions are applied using the loop method. You loop them with your natural strands and clamp them down using pliers then secure them with metal micro beads to finish. This can last up to half a year. What differs them from other extension types is that you can easily move them up or down your hair shaft. However, the beads can weigh down your tresses so you have to be careful not to overdo with this method.