Since COVID-19, more and more people are now wearing face masks or face coverings as these protective items are made mandatory in shops, public transport, workplace, and other places worldwide. Some countries are stringent in implementing this new Face Mask policy and even fine or requiring detention hours for those who fail to comply.

However, let’s face the fact that ever since we started wearing face masks, the need to use makeup, lipstick primarily, and glamming up has relatively decreased. Why? We are half-face covered, and all we can flaunt is our batting eyelashes and maybe some eyeshadow colour pop. Others feel that with face mask, all you can do is wear your hair in a ponytail, and that’s it! But did you know that you can still Rock Your Hairstyle with Face Mask on? Ow, yes babe, and lucky you, we’ve got some cute and easy to do hairstyles that you can try right away!


By this time, we are mostly nearing expert level in the art of smizing under our face coverings. But of course, even if you are half-face covered, you can still make a big bang statement by being playful with hair colours. 

You can also do some highlights with a ten-piece set tape in extensions that is lighter than your natural hair colour if you don’t want to go for a hair bleach or hair colour.


A hair bun is probably one of the timeless, and well, easy to do hairstyles. What we love about hair bun is that it does not have to look flawless or perfect. And it helps keep hair away from your face and your mask.

Want to level up your messy hair bun? Use ponytail human hair extensions to make your ponytail look thicker, twist it into a hair bun, and voila!


Because people are creative and quick to adapt to the new normal, new bandanas with matching face masks are now available online and in stores. If you hate looking so monotonous in that blue-lined medical face mask, you can fancy fabric floral printed face masks that come with a matching headwrap that you can wear as a headband. Check out this chic white tropical print from Rosey Rapps.


There’s no denying that face mask in itself can look dull. Don’t let this happen, babe! Give your hair that fluttering hair partition and throw in some big curls to give you that extra volume. 

Want to go for more volume and length to get that extra glamorous hair wave? Add a five-piece set clip in hair extensions, and you’re sure to be an IG #hairinspiration babe in no time!


For some reason, many women are still anxious about putting on some hair accents such as white bead clips or a golden hairpin. Some think that it might not look good on them, while others are too shy. Well, you know what? What time can be more perfect than now? If you are too shy to put on clips, well, you are half-face covered right now, babe, so no excuse not to use those gorgeous hair clips.

No matter what OOTD you plan for the day, don’t let face masks ruin your look. Let your hair compensate for your unrevealed pretty cheeks and gorgeous lips and let your creativity do it.

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