Is your hair damaged beyond repair? Despair not, we may bring it back to health with these easy proven tricks and tips.

As they say “show your locks some love” but how? We love to subject our hair to hot tools to make them look good but are they worth all the risk of getting damaged hair?

Every time we blow-dry our hair or straightened with a flat iron we cook our hair proteins that cause them to be frizzy and fragile.

Of course we know that, but we just can’t resist using these helpful tools to aide us in beautifying ourselves.

But science has found a way to accommodate all those “necessary evils” of the hair. They have all sorts of products designed specifically to protect the hair’s well-being.

So if you’re not ready to say good bye to flat-iron and blow-dryers, inculcate this in your daily regimen.

  • Simple conditioners just won’t do, although they make your hair smooth there are some conditioners that leaves beneficial oil that shields the hair and provides deep conditioning. This contains omega-3 oil that encases the hair and is not visible nor weighs your hair down.
  • Shield your hair before using “hot tools” like flat-iron or blow-dryers with a protective spray like X-TEN reconstructor that can be found out our website. This will act as your second layer of defence since they contain dimethicone or amodimethicone which can lock in moisture thus making your hair less susceptible to moisture loss.
  • Get a brush that provides ventilation while drying your hair to allow air to freely flow in between strands thus preventing scalding. It also helps to keep the blow-dryer 6 inches away from your hair and always moving to minimize damaged.
  • Choose “hot tools” made from ceramic to ensure even distribution of heat to ward off scorching. Using ceramic-made tools lets you glide your hair easily unlike other materials.

These four tips are easy to do, if you can follow them religiously then there will be no reason why you can’t get that healthy hair.

Gain back your confidence by getting extraordinary hair by doing something ordinary.

Let us start now, and be on our way to gorgeous hair everyday!

Best of luck.

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