A flawless pony composed of a “perfect blend” of your real hair strands and (possibly) remy human hair ponytail extensions from Human Hair Extensions Online is a classic hairstyle that is perfect for office work, board meetings with corporate bigwigs, meeting your boyfriend’s parents, a job interview, and sports. However, the look is almost impossible to create without spending so much effort and time into it. You might miss a strand, find a knot or bump somewhere, or break a scrunchy, and you’ll need to start over again.

Fortunately, you only need to do the following things to create a flawless pony.

1. Prepare and Test All Needed Tools in Advance

Nothing is more frustrating than having all strands of hair in hand, ready for binding, only to get a tie that breaks at the first stretch. So make sure that, before you even grab strands of hair, all needed tools and supplies are tested and readied. Stretch your hair ties, check your bobby pins, and clean your brush while waiting for your hair to dry.

2. Know the Kind of Pony You Want to Create

Before picking up a hair tie, make sure that you know the kind of pony you want to create and where exactly it will be located on your head. Knowing the latter is very important as there is a chance that hair will cover your face by the time you create the pony.

For example, if you want to sport a high ponytail, you need to shake your locks, flip them, and then place your forefinger and thumb around the strands that need to be bound together into a pony. These need to be done in front of a mirror so you can see how it would look like after it is tied up. As an added bonus, the habit of doing the above in front of a mirror will help make you capable of setting up your own pony even without the aid of a mirror.

3. Brush It Right!

Brushing your hair to prep the strands for binding is different from brushing your hair to prevent matting and keep your hair in order. To prevent frizz and bumps, be sure to hold strands up while brushing according to the direction of the pony.


4. Tie It Up Tightly!

Tying your hair is the most difficult part of creating a perfect pony. The process might differ from one kind of tie to another, with thicker ties requiring more strength on your part to be securely fastened. This is especially true if you have already made two loops and are looking to get that third loop done to secure your hair in a pony once and for all.

5. Hair Products Can Be Very Helpful to You

The worst enemy of this hairstyle is the natural summer heat. To combat the effects of heat to your head, you can apply hair products like mousse, hairsprays, and leave-on conditioners. Make sure to choose hair care products that work for you.

6. Add Accessories

Accessories are a great way to improve your pony and, by extension, your overall appearance. This is especially true when you get bored with that perfect pony you can pull off in no time—and without breaking a sweat—and the direct result of rocking that pony.