Beach waves

Longing for a silky, voluminous, beach waves? Yes, Remy human hair extensions are great for volume but the real secret here is using the right salt sprays. The sea salt is the main ingredient to achieving beachy waves effortlessly. So even if you don’t spend time at the beach you can realize it with a bottle of sea salt spray.

Sea salt spray is not a fad product it has been widely used to style the hair into messy beach look that everyone craves. Most of these sprays are made from Epsom salt and not sea salt—Epsom salt does not dry your hair out. And if you’re wondering if they smell anything like ocean, sorry to disappoint you, it doesn’t smell anywhere near that scent at all.

This works for all hair types but should be used sparingly for naturally wavy and voluminous hair unlike limp or thinning hair which works best to get that most needed lushness. This has been a favourite hair product because of its convenience and effectivity in styling your hair.

Now, you might be wondering how sea salt spray is different from dry shampoo. Although both can be used to style the hair, sea salt spray cannot clean the hair like dry shampoo can.

Get beach waves with this remarkable sea salt pray, I’ll be recommending some brands but it’s entirely up to you to try which one work best for you.

Josie Maran Bohemian Waves
A perfect product for fine hair to get the much needed texture and volume. This beneficial hair spray is made from Himalayan Pink Salt and the famous Argan oil which gives your hair textured curls without necessarily drying your tresses. For hair that’s definitely boho-chic, grab a bottle of this hair mist!

Oribe Beach Wave Spray
This nourishing sea spray is full-packed with vitamins and moisturizers to keep your tresses in tip top shape. It gives your hair a natural shine and provides multi-layered sun protection too. And what is good about this product is that it is not limited to a particular hair type, but all even keratin and colour treated hair. Get natural waves in an instant!

Mai Tai Drybar
If you want to get waves that last long and smell great at the same time, this product is for you. This lightweight spray is a combination of aloe, algae and sea salt which works well on all types of hair even colour treated ones.

Bumble and Bumble
Aching for a sultry and windswept look? You can easily achieve the look with this product. Simply spritz it on either damp or dry hair, air dry it and voila! You got yourself a messy beach waves that looks just as if you came from the beach. It’s non-drying because of the kelp extracts and seaweed that aids in hydrating your hair.

John Masters Organics
That’s right, this is organic, so you can be assured that it is all natural and free from any chemicals and preservatives. It is also gluten-free and smells heavenly. As a bonus it works as dry shampoo as it also absorbs oil. One great product that functions as two!

Wella Ocean Spritz
If you want your hair to smell like a dream, try this fruity-floral fragrant spray. This exceptional product garnered high points in customer reviews for creating a genuine beach look no matter how straight your hair is. It’s just feels amazing soft with a natural wave.

Not Your Mother’s (Beach Babe)
One of the most popular salt sprays that works perfectly well for fine hair. It creates realistic beach waves with a matte finish. Just spray it before bedtime, put it on a high bun; and wake up with a beautiful, perfect waves you just love.

Be seductively beautiful by getting the most attractive tousled hair in town!