Making your face look thinner

It is a known fact that there are clothes that can make you look slimmer than you actually are and so with make-up, but do you know that hairstyles can also shed pounds off? I didn’t know it either until I read an article about it.

There are a few hairstyle that can actually give you the illusion of being slender than you really are. So while you are trying to shave some pounds off your weight here are some hairstyle to make you look like a model.

Long bob
Long bob or LOB as they call it, is a perfect cut for a slimmer face. The etymology behind was that the style frames your face and shapes it to make it appear slimmer.

Side swept bangs
When you pull your bangs to one side it creates a break in your face to make it appear slender. Avoid blunt bangs though rather get a feathery, side swept one to draw away the attention from your face specially your eyes. Lastly, it should be cut longer than shorter to maximize its effect.

Beach waves
If you are a fan of soft waves, this is definitely your choice. Between straight and curly hair which makes your face appear wider, this one however makes your face seem narrower.

Pile them up
High buns are also a popular optical illusion for slimming your face because it takes away your attention to the face and focus more on the bun. So the bigger and messier it is the better it would look.

Mussy ponytail
Yes, do a ponytail with an attitude. A too smooth pony highlights your cheekbones and we don’t want that to happen. So add more volume to it, tease the front and loosen up some strands here and there to give it a messy look. This will balance the look and eliminate the focus on your face.

Add body
Giving your hair that added volume will help distracting the focus on your face and back to your hair. Whether its updos, or half updos, it can aid in making your face appear thinner so amp it up. A remy hair extension is also a great option for this.

Dishevelled look
Tousled look definitely look sexier than meticulously stiff hairstyle. More and more women and men, alike, love the unkept look as it looks more natural than super well-kept hair. Aren’t you lucky enough to have this style look great on you? So you don’t get to look thinner, you look sexier as well.

Are you excited to get any of the hairstyle yet? Well, start creating the look you want and feel slimmer and sexier than ever!