The highest quality Remy hair extensions Australia is found in Sydney. Human Hair Extensions Online has been selling superior quality to individuals and salons alike for like some years now. And they have been coming back for more which just shows how good our hairs really are. We stock several methods like Tape, clip in, skin weft, I tip, machine weft, microbead weft, and U tip.

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Remy hair extensions Australia are absolutely in demand as more and more women realize how adding more volume to their locks can have a great impact to their self-confidence. Self-esteem soars as you get physically attractive and what more could be more appealing than getting a luscious hair that falls luxuriously on your back.

remy hair extensions

Compared to synthetic hair Remy is more manageable, soft and glossy. And more durable therefore can be used several times. Remy hair may be a bit expensive but it is actually more practical in the long run this is also an obvious indicator that you have bought a quality Remy hair. A lot of women have come to realize the value of getting your money’s worth. The best option for any extensions needs is still Remy hair extensions.

You may be wondering the difference between Remy hair and 100% human hair. Remy pertains to the property of the hair and the technique used to process the extensions. It also refers to the hair running in the same direction and the cuticle intact. The hair is gathered in which the hair stays in their natural direction from root to tip. This is usually done by tying the hair into a low pony before cutting it to ensure the hair is running in unilateral direction. This method of collecting keeps the hair smooth and manageable.

All Remy hair is also 100% human hair but not all human hair can be Remy. If the hair was collected after the hair is cut, then the hair will be running in different directions so this makes the hair 100% human hair. So always go for 100% Remy human hair which is a lot better than just plain human hair.

Be wary of sellers who claimed 100% Remy human hair because some are mixing 10-30% non-Remy hair to gain more profit. And mind you, only hair expert can tell the difference by touching it. For ordinary people it may take a couple of weeks to 3 weeks at most to witness the hair starting to matte and by then it might be too late; so it wouldn’t hurt to verify your hair supplier. You could ask people who have tried the products or read the hair reviews to get more info or feedbacks about the extensions.

Do you think I have missed anything about Remy hair? Please feel free to comment below. I will be more than happy to receive them.

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