Remy Hair#4

Here at Human Hair extensions Online we stock 100% Remy human hair extensions. Have you ever wondered what Remy hair means? Remy hair basically means that the hair cuticle is still intact and that the hair is running the way it naturally grew.

A clear example is if you chop off someone’s ponytail and turn that straight to hair extensions that would be classed as Remy hair; because the hair has stayed the same way it grew. However, if that hair is all muddled-up, mixed together, and you have cuticles running up and down and against each other, that is classed as non-Remy hair .

There are a lot of companies on the Australian hair extensions market who are claiming to sell 100% Remy hair; but the ugly facts are they are actually selling non-Remy hair. The issue in non-Remy hair is that the cuticles rub on each other which causes them to matt and knot up quite quickly—which will eventually become unmanageable and a really horrible hair extension experience for you.

The huge benefit with buying from our online store is that you can guarantee that you will be receiving authentic high salon quality Remy hair. Remy can be spelt remy or remmi more commonly with the “y” on the end. Hair extensions can come from various countries such as China, India, Brazil, South America, Russia and Europe.

Most commonly the hair is from China which is a really good quality if it is hair from a young person’s head. The best way to know if you’ve been sold Remy hair or not is when you receive them to basically wear them, and just go about your normal daily activity. If they are knotting up very quickly and are quite hard to detangle, you will know you have been sold a low grade of hair. This will leave you looking for a hair extensions loop brush—a brush specifically designed for detangling hair extensions. The hassle and stress will only leave you to a conclusion that you’ve been sold a non-Remy hair.

However, if they are manageable, not knotting up quickly similar to your own natural hair then you most probably been sold a genuine Remy hair. Another way to distinguish it, before you even buy it, is the selling price. If someone is selling you hair extensions under one hundred dollars then that is a huge possibility that’s going to be non-Remy hair.

It may sound great because the price is cheap; yet its’ going to end up to be expensive—expensive in the sense that it will not reward you with a good investment. Eventually, you are going to throw them out after a couple of weeks and will lead you to buy the genuine one. Remy hair extensions may cost you almost twice as much yet you will be guaranteed with a better investment. Real savings is tantamount with real deal. Not with the cheap ones. Going for the real deal will never leave you disappointed. As per bulk price for 130g clip-in sets, you’ll be spending at least a $135-$140 to be sure that they’re Remy hair.

Tape extensions are even more—spending around $180 to $250 (depending on the length) to be sure that they’re Remy hair. As I said, our extensions are the best quality in the Australian market. Buy with confidence beware of cheap prices. Beware of dodgy competitors. Beware of budget online sales platforms and do your research like reading our reviews—everybody loves our hair and I’m sure you will too.

If you have any questions about hair extensions or you are unsure on what set is right for you please feel free to contact our friendly professional customer service team on either live chat, warehouse phone number or email address—we will be more than happy to help you out.