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However, if you wanted to make your own clip in extensions so you could save a fraction of the usual cost then allow me to share with you the right steps to do it. I know most sites would push for human hair but that would be entirely depend on your budget. You can actually go for a high quality synthetic hair if you find real human hair a bit pricey. But downside of course is that you will not be able to dye or use heat to style it.

remy clip in hair extensions

Nevertheless, it’s not such a bad thing if you are just using it for such a short period. You can easily remove and swap it for another style, texture, colour or length so dyeing and curling it will not be necessary anymore. Whatever you choose as long as you’re aware of what you are getting then you’re good. So without further ado, here is the detailed instruction to making your own clip in extensions.

First we need to gather all the things we need to fashion our own clip in hair extensions. We need the following:

  • weft extensions (1-2 packets)
  • 15-18 wig clips (depending on how many hairpieces you plan to make)
  • scissors
  • needle and invisible thread (or same colour as that of the hair)
  • measuring tape

First Step

Choose your hair

This is where you choose the hair closest to your hair tone to make it blend well to your own natural hair. You can choose a straight or a curly one depending on what you are after. Just remember though if you bought a synthetic hair straight or curl them before applying the extensions as they dont tolerate heat.

Second Step

Measure and cut

To ensure that they fit you nicely, measure how wide your hair is at the back as you will need around 4 wide pieces and another 4 to 6 smaller pieces. For the wide pieces you start measuring just an inch above your nape and work your way up until your reach the top of your head and with enough spacing in between the extensions.

Third Step


Sewing the edges to keep them from slipping or some uses glue to hold them together. You should have 4 pieces of wide strips for the back of your head and 4-6 smaller ones for the sides of the head.

Once all done you now have a full head piece set to add more volume to your natural hair.

Fourth Step

Attach small clips to the hair weft

Familiarize yourself with how the small clips work they snap shut and fasten when you pressed down on the sides. And they open when you pressed the center at the same time pulling the sides up. Now you know how the clip works it would be easier to determine which one is the right side. The 4 back pieces should have 3 clips while the smaller ones have 2 or 1 clips on each pieces.

Good job! Now you just have created your first fabulous synthetic or remy clip in hair extensions. You can now be more confident to make more elaborate styles.