These days, there are a number of supposed ‘magic solutions’ that claim to be able to make all split ends vanish once and for all. But none of them are permanent solutions. Rather, they are temporary solutions that cannot put a stop to ongoing damage to your natural locks and, possibly, to the Human Hair Extensions Online products set among them.

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Instead of trying out those ‘magic solutions,’ do the following steps to remove split ends.

* Check which hair strands are damaged. Do this in front of a mirror, and make sure that the area is well-lit. When doing this, keep in mind that while split ends usually happen at the tip, they can appear at any section of your locks. They also come in many different forms, and if you do find any of these, follow the instructions below to remove them.
– Hair splitting into two
– Hole at the middle of the hair
– White dots somewhere near the end of the strand
– Single-strand knots

* Trim the split ends. If you believe you aren’t due for a trim yet, you can sort the split ends out with hair shears. Ordinary scissors can fray hair, causing even more split ends. Once you have your hair shears with you, cut strands 6mm from the split. Cutting close to the damaged part will cause the split to reappear.

While doing this, you will notice that there are splits that form a ball above the damage. Make sure that you cut this out as well. Keep in mind that the whole process takes time, especially if your hair is thick or severely damaged. But it won’t change your hairdo that much.

* Cut your locks on the regular. Getting your hair trimmed every few months or so will prevent the reappearance of split ends. But if you’d like your hair very long because you look fashionable in long locks, it’s best that you…

* … do everything you can to save your hair’s length. If going to the salon for a trim has a significant effect on your long hair goals, you might wish to get your hair cut in layers. Tell the hair stylist to trim all damage in the surface, whilst leaving all lower layers (and length) intact. If your hair has an afro texture, use a texturiser. Texturiser allows you to easily manipulate your hair and avoid trimming any healthy hair strands.

* Mind the use of hair repair products. Conditioners and numerous other commercial treatments which are supposedly able to heal split ends are just too good to be true. All these products do is seal split ends to make them invisible, not repair the damage. For this reason, you can use them as temporary hair fixes, and as a precautionary measure against split ends.

Split ends will eventually worsen and lead to extensive damage to your hair (and the cheap clip in hair extensions among them) if neglected. So make sure to sort them out immediately using the method mentioned above.