Try redhead without commitment with red clip in hair extensions. It gives you an opportunity to try this outrageous hue without being stuck with the colour. So if you feel the shade does not do you justice you can change it to another tone. But if you decide that, yes this colour is for me, then you can go for a semi permanent extensions like the tape extensions which allows you to enjoy the hair for 8 weeks before re-attaching them. Whether you go for clip in or tape in hair extensions always consider 100% human remy hair as this is the hair that last longer and the best quality there is.

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Are you ready to be daring and bold this coming year? A friendly reminder for the faint of heart, if you are shy and thinking of heading for the red route think twice as this hue is not for you. Redheads are an absolute bomb. They always get noticed. They might as well come from another planet not only because of their uncommon hair tone but because there are surprising facts associated with their hair colour.

red clip in hair extensions

Do you know that redheads are more sensitive to temperature? They are the first ones to feel cold or hot. So the next time you see them wearing still wearing a coat 2 hours after arriving at the office then you understand the reason behind it. They dont have grey hairs but turns blonde to white when they grow old.

Redheads also need more anesthetic as their pain threshold are lower than most of us. Know that they are really more sensitive to pain and not just being overly dramatic about it.

On the average, adult has approximately over 100,000 hair strands on their heads except for the redheads who has surprisingly less on their heads.

Geographically, the most number of redheads are living in Scotland and Ireland. Probably the reason why they are good at producing vitamin D because Both countries are famous for their luscious green scenery.

Another amazing facts about redheads is that they are mostly if not all are left-handed. And all stories about them going instinct or turning into a vampire once they die are not true. So now you have learned something about redhead people.

Are you ready to turn your world around? Get red clip in hair extensions and be dauntlessly red this coming holiday season!