If you’re reading this article right now, you probably have been doing your homework about buying hair extensions. However, we know that you may be having some doubts or the feeling of uncertainty about whether or not you should buy one. Well, don’t you fret because we’re here to help you make that decision!

In this blog, we will walk you through the main reasons why you should buy hair extensions now and get that instantly long and voluminous hair. 

Here are the 5 top reasons why you should invest in human hair extensions!


Truth be told ladies, there are days when you just wish that you just wake up one morning with a long luscious hair without having to wait for days, weeks even months to grow a few inches of your hair right? Waiting for your hair to grow longer is a true test of patience. Luckily, with HHEO tape in, clip ins, ponytail and weft extensions, it’s just going to take you 5 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of human hair extensions you’d like to go with and voila! Your dream hair finally a reality!

Getting high-quality remy human hair extensions is actually also an excellent solution to occasional haircut tragedies or regrets. You read it, right babe! We all have our share of a horror story of going into a hair appointment, asking the hairdresser for a trim, but ending up having a brand new “unsolicited” pixie look.

Well, the good thing about hair extensions is that it can easily fix this nightmare. We recommend getting extensions like our HHEO tape in and clip-ins to easily achieve that longer locks sooner while waiting for your real hair to grow out. Check out our video tutorial on How to apply tape in extensions and How to install clip in extensions.



Gaining more hair volume is one of the most common reasons as to why ladies across the world shop for hair extensions. See, common hair issues like hair thinning and hair loss are prevalent amongst women aged 20 and above. Some reasons like being on aggressive medications, chemotherapy, post-partum effects and even severe exposure to harsh chemicals that can be found on hair products are just some contributing factors to these problems. HHEO got you covered by providing you high-quality remy human hair extensions. We designed volume sets that will surely satisfy your need for more hair volume in under 5 minutes if you go for clip ins and an hour for tape extensions.


We all have that little sense of adventure in us and the urge to try on new things even when it comes to hair colours. However, most of the time, we hold back trying new hair shades because we worry about things like, What is it doesn’t suit your skin tone? What if you suddenly realize that it doesn’t go with your style or preferred colour intensity or simply what if it damages your hair? Well, these questions are all understandable. Shopping for human hair extensions, however, can make this process easy. You can play with different colour styles like the popular ombre trend, or mix blondes that will give you that high or lowlights effect without worrying about long-term commitment or potential damage to your hair. If you’re not happy with it, you can just take them out of your hair. Easy right?


There really is no reason for you to get stuck with a hairstyle or two. With hair extensions, style possibilities are limitless! It can make your hairstyle more interesting by adding more length and volume, plus you can sneak in some colour to your hair. From braids, buns, half-moon look or ponytail, hair extensions will always be on your rescue anytime! 

Check out some Chic & Easy Hairstyles using HHEO Human Hair Extensions by our certified HHEO Babe Kristie Roche.


Aside from the gorgeous and flawless blend that you can get out human hair extensions, another reason to for you to buy a set of hair extensions is that it causes you absolutely no damage to your hair, especially if it’s installed and removed properly. If you are looking for hair extensions that do not involve adhesives like glue, tape, and braiding or if you need something that you can install on your own and be ready for the day in under 5 minutes, check out our wide range of Clip In Human Hair Extensions.

Human hair extensions truly have been an incredible tool in helping women across the world to feel more confident about themselves and have limitless options when it comes to styling their hair. If you want to learn more about HHEO extensions, feel free to email us at info@hheo.com.au