You think you have the effrontery to go for purple hair this year? Then you should try our purple extensions at Human Hair Extensions Online. It is made from 100% remy human hair so you can be assured of its superior quality. In fact, we have been supplying hair extensions to high end salons all over Australia. These salons have been coming back to get more hair from us. We have the widest range of colours and length in the hair industry. And we even go an extra mile for you by providing customized hair tone just for you.

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Purple is not an easy colour for hair and only the brave can pull it off with full confidence. But it is quite an attractive colour for your hair, unlike before when only a few are bold enough to wear them now we see several purple heads. It has become a bit acceptable now. A lot of purple hue have come up, you can go really light lavender to dark purple. You can even experiment on how light or dark you want or do a perfect purple ombre.


purple extensions1


You can also try to be on the wild side with a pure bollywood combo, purple and orange. It’s a perfect combo that excites your senses. These bright colour combo can give you the volume and length that you longed for with a spicey attitude.

Vibrant hues is not just for teens anymore if you have notice more women are stepping out of their comfort zones when upgrading their look especially after a break up. The rebellious side of women is getting fearless and daunting about getting the most crowd-stopping attention. Gone were the days where women mop around the corner now they are getting more spunky by the minute.

Women have step up and decided to make men regret they ever left her. They Have become stronger, more independent and definitely holding her ground. Womens meekness have slowly become superior and self-assertive. They know what they want and will not hold back to get it.

Katy Perry has been one of the true inspiration of purple hair when she did the California Gurls music video. It had girls vying for purple locks.

One important tip when choosing to dye your hair with unnatural hair colour is to do it in three tones, the main colour, a tone lighter and darker than the main pieces. This creates dimension like your own natural hair does.

If you are afraid of fully committing to a head full on purple, then apply some highlights under your hair so you can be free to show them when you want to or hide them.

Start your year right and go purple hair!