Hair Extension is one of the most raved products that women worldwide shop for. With thousands of brands online, there’s just no way that one can’t achieve their dream hair or #hairgoals. But what makes wearing hair extensions more exciting is that women enjoy the flexibility in styling their hair! With the added length and thickness, any style is possible.

Now when we talk about hair styling, it is inevitable to use hot styling tools. These tools help create the dreamy beach waves, add volume, and give that extra texture to your hair. Some women occasionally style their hair and prefer their hair plain and simple, but some prefer to keep their hair camera-ready and enjoy using their trusty curling wands and straighteners. Most of us forget that constant exposure of human hair extensions to heat can be damaging to the hair.

Lucky for you, we have gathered tips from the pros on how you can Protect Your Hair Extensions From Heat Damage.


Use Heat Protectant Spray. 

Many women skip this step because, sadly, they do not find heat protectant sprays beneficial. What they do not know is that this step is critical and a MUST DO. Using this product can help create a protective barrier that will help keep hair extensions from possible heat damages such as frizziness or dryness. Remember, anything that gets heat exposure becomes dry, so as your hair extensions. That is why, we always spritz some X-Ten Silky Lite Reconstructor before styling our hair extensions to ensure that we achieve our dream hair, but also keep our hair extensions damage-free!

Invest in Professional Heat Styling Tools.

Hold up! We know that one of the things we consider when shopping is the tag price of an item. We all check and flip that tag to see the dollar value listed on it. And often, when we see an item with lots of digits in it, we tend to move on to the next display rack or swipe next when online shopping. We sometimes forget that styling tools priced a little higher than generic ones offer a quality that is worth every buck and guarantees results that we will be thankful for.

When shopping for that killer styling hot tool, go for brands that have already built their reputation to provide the best quality styling products. Also, check for tried, tested, and approved brands by hair salons and other regular users. When it comes to curling wands or irons, go for ceramic or tourmaline plates as both will help keep your hair smooth and silky without snagging or causing damage. Lastly, do not be afraid to use the lowest heat setting in your styling tools. Low heat does not mean it will not curl your hair; it still will. Remember, the lesser the heat, the smaller the damage, right?

Brush, Brush, and Brush.

This is the easiest and probably something that you have always been doing anyway. Brushing your clip-in hair extensions or other hair extension type with a detangling loop brush can help completely get rid of any knots or tangles. When you do this, you will have less time and risk of getting heat damages to achieve that silky, smooth, straight hair. Basic yet really effective.

Air-dry Your Hair

As much as possible, we go for alternatives on how we can dry our hair without heat use. Yes, we are talking about hair dryers or hair blowers. These tools also use heat when drying your hair, and a lot of women do this almost every day. We know those days when you are running late for a meeting or work, you just have to get everything done as soon as possible, and using hair blowers can make hair drying faster and easier. However, when faced with this kind of situation, you may want to consider using a cold air setting rather than the hot option. But most importantly, use heat protectant spray before turning that blower on.

Another alternative to how you can dry your hair is by air-drying it naturally or using a fan. It does give you the same results anyway.

We hope you found these simple tips useful, and if you need more tips just like these, please feel free to email us at