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Although the use of commercial hair care products between cuts is more than enough to help keep your locks looking healthy and shiny, treating your crowning glory with hot oil treatment made from coconut oil every once in a while will give it a healthy glow–one that you can also find on our products here at Human Hair Extensions Online. Of course, this is only true if the steps highlighted below are followed during the process of making the mixture.

1. Get coconut oil. These days, you can find coconut oil at the baking sections of grocery stores, as recent scientific findings have shown it to be a healthier alternative to vegetable oil. However, you can also find it in specialty and beauty shops.
● Usually, coconut oil takes on a solid form at room temperature but quickly turns to liquid once you place a little of it on your palm.
● Olive oil is also a good oil to use on your locks. It can moisturise strands and helps with your problem with dandruff, but doesn’t possess the protein-preserving properties which coconut oil has.

2. Wash the strands thoroughly to ensure their cleanliness. But this time, avoid the use of products like gels, hairspray, or mousses, which might prevent the penetration of hot oil into follicles.

3. Create a water bath. Boil a cup of water in a saucepan.

4. Heat the coconut oil. Take a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil. Place this inside a mug or small bowl. The mug or bowl should then be placed in the water that is on the stove.
● In case you are suffering from dandruff or dry scalp, then add one tablespoon olive oil.
● Add one tablespoon jojoba oil in case there are signs of fungi on your scalp.
● Let the oil sit until warm, not hot. Otherwise, you’d burn your head with the oil. Take the cup of oil using your hands wrapped with oven mitts.

5. If it’s no longer wet, wet your locks until damp.

6. Massage oil to scalp using fingertips which have been dipped in the hot oil. When doing this, make sure to work from root to end.

7. Use a dryer for clothing or hair to heat a towel. Once the towel has been heated, wrap it around your crowning glory. Make sure it stays on your head for up to twenty minutes. Alternatively, you can use a processing cap, plastic bag, or shower cap in place of a heated towel. You can let body heat nourish the strands or you can place them under a steamer for up to twenty minutes.

8. Thoroughly wash and rinse. Once you are done, style your strands are usual.

At this point, your real strands will not look very different from the ponytail hair extensions from NSW that you can find in our online shop. But in order to keep them looking smooth, shiny, and amazing, it’s important that you repeat all the above steps once every month.