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Let’s talk about a hairdo that never goes out of style: the ponytail.

First, Ponytail Appreciation

A ponytail makes you look dainty and attractive, but not like you’re trying too hard. No longer just the throwaway look for haggard moms, it gives off a youthful girl-next-door vibe. Sport a pony with athletic wear to look on top of your game. With a neat ponytail in the office, you’re the organized lady ready to take on more challenging roles and up for that promotion. An edgy sleek pony with red lipstick turns you into an instant femme fatale. Simply elegant, it tones down heavy makeup and any extravagant outfit. Topped with a pretty bow on dark hair, you’re vintage-beautiful.

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Simple as it is, not everyone can have a great-looking ponytail. The main culprit—thin hair.

Some reasons why you have thin hair:

  • Maybe your genetic code gave you hair that’s flat and lacking volume.
  • Maybe there’s a family history of hair loss.
  • Maybe you perm, bleach, colour, and use heat in styling your hair so it’s prone to damage and breakage.
  • Maybe too much stress got the better of you.
  • Maybe it’s a diet or vitamin-deficiency problem.
  • Maybe you’re a hair puller. Some people feel so gratified when they pluck out “dead” hair—the extra coarse ones that kink in a weird way. Hair pullers lose track or pluck out even the healthy strands, and before they know it they had plucked out more than they allowed to remain.

Thin hair is very obvious when gathered into a tight ponytail, and what’s already thin gets sparse and wispy towards the ends. (You don’t even bother braiding—a two-year-old’s plait would look fuller.)

Reality vs. Expectation

When your hair is thin, your ponytail is puny. Some girls are luckier with thicker manes, but their ponytails would taper at the end because of hair damage and breakage.

You want your ponytail to be long, full, and bouncy, but your hair structure does not permit it. There are tricks on how to make your thin ponytail look fuller, like propping it up or teasing, but in some cases, that’s not enough. You want straight hair with no flyaways or big curly rolls that won’t frizz and tangle easily.

“Necessity, who is the mother of invention,” saith Plato, who knew his stuff well. Poof!

And so hair extensions came into being.

Human hair ponytail extensions look natural and feel amazing. Human hair strands move and shine like natural hair, unlike synthetic hair fibres that could look too shiny and fake. Human hair ponytails are pendulous and full from the top all the way to the tips, so when you walk, they gracefully sway behind you.

If you’re a girl who wants value for her money, the most practical ponytail hair extension for you would be one that

  • meets your aesthetic needs,
  • is of top quality and easy to maintain,
  • will last a long time (be committed to do your part to help make your hair extensions last longer),
  • has the shade closest to your natural hair colour,
  • has the best market price for its value,
  • comes from a known and trusted provider with a lot of satisfied clientele.

After scouring their options, Australia’s fashionable girls discover that their hair extension needs are met at Human Hair Extensions Online. We share the sentiments and frustrations of girls with thin, limp, and static-prone hair, many of whom have become our regular customers.

Leave it to us to give you the perfect ponytail hair extensions that’s worthy of the runway.