The busy woman deserves a monument erected in her honor. What joy and relief she brings to those around her. She is the single mom doing double shifts for six workdays, the devoted wife tending to her nuclear family’s needs, or the doting aunt and sole reliever of tired but grateful family. She is the focused executive who ticks on a planner while stuck in traffic, the salary woman who trudges from payday to payday with her nose in SEEK, or the pet shelter volunteer who walks faster than everyone else as she juggles four different roles.

The busy woman is you.

You inspire us, and we at Human Hair Extensions Online aspire to keep your beauty needs in check as you balance life between building your dreams and fanning your nails.


Amazing how easy it is to waste time nowadays. There are deadlines to beat, meetings to attend, play dates to keep, and then there’s the Internet—a vortex that sucks the hours off your busy schedule. Every day man creates a distraction cleverly disguised as a new Playstore app, and before you know it that weekly trip to the gym becomes once every six months. You’re lucky if you can shampoo thrice a week, so let’s not talk about a salon appointment with your stylist.

You become the lady who always has her hair in a ponytail.

Ponytails have been associated with little girls with ice cream cones and grown women doing something worthwhile, like yoga or cleaning the stove. After all, it’s instinctive for a girl to just bunch up her hair on a hot, humid day or with any activity that requires no distraction. A ponytail is a busy woman telling her hair to “Stay there. I promise to make time for you later.”

Conveniently, like water is vital to sustain life but it’s cheap and common, a ponytail is very easy to do yet has a chic, urbane appeal that’s highly flattering on a woman. With a ponytail, a dab of concealer, and a few spritzes of cologne, you can actually look like you showered or had a good night’s rest.

It’s not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is, What are we busy about?

That’s from practical philosopher Henry David Thoreau, whose empirical thinking made him say, “Simplify, simplify!”—a call never more relevant than in this day. Busyness does not mean productivity, and we tend to confuse the two. So we traipse from errand to errand, chore to chore, and when our heads hit the pillow we think we had a full day because we’re physically and mentally drained. Not so!

We are tired. We look old. We think we’ve done much, but we fool ourselves. Productive has become addressing mostly distractions pretending to be urgent, like the popping of an online messenger window.

HHEO blog is a hair blog, but we also think of ourselves as a care blog. We rounded up this potent list for the busy woman to reflect on:

  • ●Take care of your health. When you lose your health, you lose the ability to take care of your loved ones or earn for your dreams.
  • ●Set realistic timelines on each task instead of “I’ll work on this until I’m done.”
  • ●Focus on one task at a time. Turn off your phone. Close all the other tabs and browsers.
  • ●Maximize your waiting times. Reply to text messages or delete blurry pictures from your phone while standing in line.
  • ●Be conscientious of the time you spend on the Internet or watching TV. (These are major life suckers.)
  • ●Reevaluate your goals. See if you can eliminate unnecessary activities that don’t contribute to them.
  • ●Simplify! When you simplify, you have more time and energy to do productive things or get a beauty rest.

The Importance of Self-Confidence


Every day the busy woman wades through the rut of life, taking care of so many things and making so many decisions. She should be able to move forward and achieve her goals in confident stride.

The busy woman draws self-confidence from many things. It could be from an Almighty who gives her strength. It could stem from knowing who she is and believing in herself. It could come from positive thinking or from assurances of the people she loves. It could come from the hard work she puts in perfecting her craft. It could come from loving herself despite her imperfections.

Moreover, it could come from taking care of how she looks. It means looking put together despite her hectic schedule. It means drinking enough water. It means running a few laps. It means having well-moisturized skin.

It means great-looking hair.

Your hair is one of the first things people notice when you walk into a room. If you’re conscious of how you look for a short-notice rendezvous but your hair won’t cooperate, you might want to get a ponytail hair extension.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley explains why it’s practical: “I can’t live without knowing I have my extensions and ponytail. So I can run out the door at the drop of a hat.” Leave it to Christie to always look fab while on the go.

If you’re gonna be the woman with the ponytail, might as well make that great-looking ponytail.

HHEO’s ponytail extensions human hair look and feel like real hair. Installation is quick and easy, so with a few touch-ups on your face and well-matched closet staples, you can look like an off-duty supermodel “at the drop of a hat.”

And the busy woman knows that there’s no commodity more precious than free time.