On a cold winter day, flyaways, which static electricity causes, can make the style you worked on all day to create fall apart. Fortunately, there are short-term and long-term fixes to flyaways. These are highlighted below. Do note that the solutions below can help you fully appreciate the benefits of using any Human Hair Extensions Online product, so make sure that you do them when you need to.

Quick Fixes

● Use a product that is specifically designed for the kind of strands you have. Flyaway strands are caused by chemical damage, a heavy buildup of products, and dryness. As strands get drier, more static electricity and friction are produced. Silicone-based serums can keep strands shiny, flexible, and moisturised. But if you wish to become very serious about the taming of flyaway clumps of strands, consider the type of strands you have and consider using a product suitable for it.

● Sprays for flyaways are best for those with fine and medium locks. A quick spritz is more than enough to sort things out without sacrificing the natural appearance of strands.

● Lightweight pomades, however, are great for thick locks. Applying even a little pomade and coating your strands evenly goes a very long way towards fixing the problem, just like with the above.

● Use unscented dryer sheets to manage the extra static when you’re in a hurry.

● Run an ice cube over flyaway strands. The cold water from it should help your locks retain moisture as it controls flyaways.

● Use non-greasy body or hand lotion. As these products are not intended for use on one’s locks, just dab some on your hands. Spread the formula around your hands and work into the strands, concentrating on any and all problem areas. What makes this quick fix effective is the fact that it traps moisture, making it another great way to improve the moisture retention of strands.

Long-Term Fixes

● Make it a habit to run strands with your fingers rather than use a brush. Keep in mind that the lesser the friction, the lesser the static electricity produced.
● Use shampoo and conditioner properly.
– No need to shampoo each day, as it can dry out your locks. So unless you are working in a hot, dirty, and greasy place, just apply the shampoo once after a period of two to three days.
– When you need to shampoo, use a moisturising or anti-frizz product. This type of product contains moisturising agents such as aloe vera, which make it effective against dryness. When you use this product, make the cleanliness of your scalp–not the drying of ends–your goal.
– Select a shampoo created solely for the type of strands you have on your head. Shampoo for curly strands should be used on curly strands, for example.
– Condition after each application of shampoo. Conditioning strands can help prevent their drying out and breaking into split ends and flyaways. Focus on the ends when doing this.
● Use clarifying shampoo every month, especially if you use numerous styling products on your locks. Keep in mind that the use of numerous styling products can lead to their buildup. This buildup, in turn, causes flyaways.
● Another great way to prevent flyaways is by adding conductivity to your hair using leave-on products that contain substances with “amine” or “quat” in their names. Use these products as they tend to do better when it comes to conducting electricity than all alcohol- or silicone-based products.
● Avoid breakage by using silk pillowcases, using heat tools at low settings only, reducing your use of chemical treatments, and using elastic cloth bands.

After spending a few weeks doing all the above as necessary, you should see results, results which allow you to stand out in a crowd during an event. Doing the above also allows you to truly benefit from styling and the use of products such as ponytail extensions from Victoria.