Hair extensions cost may vary from hundreds of dollars to a thousand depending on several factors likes the type, the method used, the weight and the length. You can ask your favorite hairstylist for an estimate, but be prepared ta answer specific questions related to the factors mentioned above. Take note that the more detailed you are, the closer to the price quote you can get, so know what your exact hair goal is. You will certainly not know where to look for something you don’t have any idea yet. So knowing what you want will certainly make our search for the right product easier. Do you know have an explicit idea of how you wanted your hair to look?

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There are a lot of places you can go to online, for you hair extensions needs. One of the famous shopping platform is eBay. It is known globally and you can verify if the seller practices good business ethics with the feedback given by their buyers. Those feedback are earned as they go about their business all throughout their years stay in eBay as a seller. You also have the option to make a bid for the particular item you are interested in or use the “buy it now’ button to get the item right away without having to undergo bidding.

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There is also Aliexpress to go to if you’re looking at getting cheap hair extensions, but it may take a longer time for you to receive your item since it is based outside the country. Shipping and handling fee should also be considered as they will be included in the billing.

But if you wanted something reliable it would be from Human Hair Extensions Online, where most high-end salons get their hair extensions from. The hair extensions sold here are 100% Remy human hair, which gives them an edge over other suppliers. The hair is super soft and smooth. And because it’s durable, it can last up to 24 months with proper care.

You may find other online stores out there that offers more, but if you are unfamiliar with them then do not buy something if there is a high probability of making a mistake. You may buy the product but only after you have done due diligence. It pays to really do some checking out first before making a final purchase than regret afterwards.