Get pink hair extensions for your next event! Human Hair Extensions Online stocks 20 inch Tape extensions in Fairy Floss Pink and #35 Cognac if you like a more subtle look. Whatever your choice is you can be assured that it is made from 100% remy human hair that can last up to 12 to 24 months with proper care. All products comes with detailed instructions on how to care for them.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Fairy Floss Pink now…


Be different, be cute, sexy and sweet with pink hair extensions. There are absolutely several ways to style them. But this colour is definitely for the young as pink is associated with childhood romance and femininity. You can dye your entire hair to pink colour or simply buy a pink hair extensions. You could also opt for an ombre or bayalage effect using hot or subtle pink.

Pink hair 1

Pink hair can be best match with blonde, red, brown and grey hair tone. You can actually decide at which part of the hair you are going to apply the colour but it is more commonly place at the bottom part of the hair where I believe is most attractive.

There are tons of shades for pink, so you can combine 3 tones of pink to create a perfect bayalage like the image shown below. When creating a bayalage you either pick out one shade lighter and one shade darker than your original hair tone to create a more subtle blend look. But adding a touch of pink as highlights will add a certain twist to your bayalage.

For ombre, you can play around which shade of pink would look best with your own hair tone. It usually starts with the darkest shade on top and ends with the lightest tone. The middle part should be neutral to both tones to create a smooth transformation making it seamless and natural looking.

You can also create your own pink ombre with your own pink hue, just buy 20 inch clip in hair extensions and dye it according to your desire. Clip ins are so convenient as it can be use at anytime and remove as easily.

Try experimenting different styles and unlock the creative side of you. You can start with a simple ombre look since it is similar to dip dyeing. Just keep in mind to do a strand test before colouring your clip in extensions.

Enjoy you pink hair extensions!