Interested to try out pastel pink hair tone, but is not that fully committed to it yet? There is a work around for this. You can try clip in hair extensions as highlights to give you the feel of what you are getting into. Once you have decided you can go ahead and dye your hair pink. But just in case you haven't, buy a Remy hair extension and apply a few strands to your hair. With a lot pink shades to choose from from hot pink to pastel ones. Pick out a shade that suits your taste or visit our product page here. 

To give you a sneak peak of the hair tones we offer click here:

 HHEO-clip-in-hair-extensionsHHEO-tape-hair-extensions Getting a pink hair isn't easy as it looks if you consider factors like the damage that is caused by the process and the tedious upkeep. Still, that doesn't stop you from taking a test-drive. But before making the plunge, we have outlined four major things you need to hair's natural colourDo you have a dark hair? Then this might be quite tedious since the hair pigment should be completely stripped and bleached before you can apply the pink dye. You may have to go to a professional stylist that specialized in this area to be able to properly remove your natural tone with less damage than necessary. Your undertonesOne very helpful tip is that warm shade is for warmer complexion and cool shade for cooler complexion. Choose a warm pink, a hint of yellow or orange if you have a warm skin tone. Otherwise, if you have a cool undertone, a cool magenta and fuchsia tones with a blue or violet base will be flattering for you. How well you handle maintenanceCrayola or unnatural shade is more likely to fade faster compared to subtle hues. So how do you make them last? Simply switch to sulfate-free shampoo because this can strip off the colour every time you wash your hair. You can also use a conditioner that protects the colour of your hair. Your work territoryPink can be quite inappropriate for a corporate surroundings. You may have to find a more subtle tone to fit your work environment otherwise you may run a problem with HR department for breaking dress codes. What shade of pink would suit you best? Hope you will have fun with pink hair dye the way you want it to be!