Human Hair Extensions Online stocks exciting unnatural colours that only the bold enough can wear. It is all made from superior hair which is 100% remy hair. We have carefully selected the hair to ensure that you get to wear the best extensions. Hair extensions are the best way to go if you are not quite ready for bold colours yet. You can introduce the extensions to your hair in bits and pieces until you are ready to go all the way. Go pink extensions!

So check out all the bold colours that we stock:


Pink hair? Wait a minute isn’t that too girly? It certainly is but any woman can still pull it off with confidence. That is if you can let the little girl in you be a little crazily spontaneous with your hair. Wouldn’t you just seize the moment if you know that this will be the last days of your life? Think about it, what would you outrageously do if you knew you only have a few days left to live?

pink hair clip extensions

I would personally try getting a pink hair. Every girl in us would love to give it a go and fulfill that pink hair dream. You can start by introducing pink extensions as highlights that is if you are not ready to go all out pink yet. This is just to test the waters and see if it is right for you.

Admit it, the little girl in you still aspires for candy-coloured pastel pink. Indulge your four-year-old self and give it a chance. There are a lot of ways to give in to your desires. There’s hair chalk if you dont want to commit to it. There’s clip in or pieces of tapes to make and exciting hair bayalage. Or you can also go pink ombre and give your tips a hint of pink. Or simply go pink extensions.

They say pink hair is the blonde equivalent in the unnatural colour scheme because they are sexy feminine and definitely exciting. It has been found to have a soothing effect and encourages friendliness thus dejecting any ill-will. Pink is so many things including playful, romantic and flirtatious. Feel the relax atmosphere this hue imbues. This is precisely the reason why it is being painted on walls on rooms that requires one to relax like some prison holding cells. It significantly helped lessen erratic behaviours, a good thing too. So never underestimate pink-haired women they would subtley hold all your guard down.

Don’t let life pass you by without ever experiencing going extreme with hair colour choices! Go pink hair now!