While never technically living things, each of the strands on your head can be classified as “alive” or “dead.” Strands are alive when they look bright, vibrant, and shiny because of proper treatment. On the other hand, strands are “dead” if the overuse of certain products causes their damage.

There are a number of things you can do to bring back life to dead strands and make them perfectly match the extensions you purchased from Human Hair Extension Online. These are highlighted below.


● Spend a week without using any shampoo, especially if you just did something that caused great damage to your strands, like colouring them. While this product ensures the cleanliness of your locks, shampoo removes oils that your strands need to ensure the quick repair of any damage.
● Use moisturising conditioners in place of shampoo. Condition locks whilst in the shower, and apply leave-in conditioner once you get out. Doing so heals and replenishes strands.
– For best results, scan the labels of products when selecting a conditioner so that you can find the product that best suits your needs. For damaged strands, you may use a conditioner that contains Moroccan and argan oils.
● Once a week, apply deep conditioning mask to your locks. Deep conditioning masks help replenish damaged and dry strands. Keep doing it until strands are replenished and look healthy again.
● Avoid dyes and chemicals. Instead of using dye and chemical-heavy products, use products with a lot of natural ingredients.
● Honey and olive oil can be used to treat your locks. Honey and olive oil are some of the best natural treatments for damaged strands. To use both of them, mix ½ cup olive oil with ¼ cup honey. Work mixture to strands, making sure to wash out with mild shampoo afterwards.
● Add oil to roots. Oils such as coconut, almond, and olive oil help in replenishing strands at root level. To ensure this happens, work oil to scalp and let sit for a couple of hours. Rinse afterwards.
● Use a mixture of banana and yogurt. Mash a banana. Mix together with ¼ cup honey and ½ cup yogurt. Work the resulting mixture to locks, making sure to secure strands immediately afterwards in a towel lest you make a complete mess in your room. Leave mixture on strands for one hour, then wash out.

Preventative Measures

● Make it a point to eat healthy meals. By doing so, the chances of your strands getting damaged are lessened. The best meals for healthy strands are fruits, vegetables, and healthy sources of protein like nuts, fish, and eggs.
● Talk with your doctor about the use of supplements. If you see damaged strands too often, dietary supplements like biotin and niacin might help you. You should, however, avoid taking supplements without recommendation from a doctor. Make sure that they are safe for you to use and won’t interfere with medications you are currently taking.
● Limit the use of irons. Their regular use damages strands, so just save the use of the iron for events like night outs.
● Avoid completely blow-drying locks. Using blow-dryers too much causes strands to become too dry and damaged. So instead of using the dryer to completely dry strands, use it to add a bit of volume to your do. Air-dry your locks immediately afterwards.
● Have any and all split ends cut off by a stylist.

When you’ve done all the above and are seeing amazing results, you can then style or add Perth ponytail hair extensions without any problems.