For most of us who have made hair extensions a part of our daily lives, we can totally say that these hair products are a modern day miracle. They have made looking more attractive and desirable, a much easier task. Don’t like your new haircut? Wear hair extensions. Want to add volume to your lifeless tresses? Go for hair extensions. Need to put variations to your hair color? Again, the answer to that is hair extensions. You can totally depend on these products to give you the look you’ve always wanted, given that they are made of premium quality authentic remy human hair which you can absolutely get here at Human Hair Extensions Online. We offer them in a variety of lengths and colors. Our experts will help you choose the perfect set that would best suit you and your needs.


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Since your permanent hair extensions have served you for quite awhile now, it’s now time for you to return the favor. In order to keep them in good shape and make them last longer, here are simple ways you can do to take care of them.

1. Wash with sulphate free shampoo occasionally
We all know how washing our mane everyday can take a toll on our strands. It strips off the natural oils we need to keep the luster in our locks. Just like our natural tresses, our hair extensions don’t need regular washing. Preferably, they should be washed only when necessary or when you see buildup from dust and other hair products you’ve been applying to your mane. If you’ve just had permanent hair extensions, don’t wash them right away. Wait for 24 to 48 hours to let them properly set in and to create a strong and secure bond between your extensions and your natural hair. And when you wash, make it a point to use sulphate free shampoo. Condition the tips right after to retain moisture. Avoid applying conditioner at the roots as this would cause your extension to slip out easily.

2. Keep them free from any tangles
How you take care of your natural tresses, double the effort with your extensions. They need more care and attention than your real locks. Brush it gently making sure there are no tangles and and knots to keep them smooth all the time.

3. Before going to bed make sure they are dry
If you have the habit of taking a shower before sleeping, make sure that you keep them completely dry. Your hair extensions are more prone to damage when wet. To keep it well protected from breakage and to avoid bedhead in the morning, we recommend you tie your locks into a braid.

4. Deep condition from time to time
Deep conditioning at least once a month provides tons of benefits to your tresses. Apply a deep conditioner or any hair treatment especially at the tips to keep them from drying out and to provide extra moisture. The tips usually dry out easily when not given adequate attention to.

5. Ask a professional to remove or reattach
When it comes to permanent hair extensions, it is highly recommended that you seek help from the experts to ensure that there won’t be any damages. These types of extensions last longer and can be reused and reattached later on.