Everybody loves a permed hair. Most women are into it, nowadays. It gives you voluptuous volume and beautiful curls without going through the hassle of heat styling your tresses every single day. If you’re one of those who has joined the bandwagon of hair perming, we will teach you ways on how you can maintain that lovely hairstyle for as long as it takes.

When you perm your hair, you are subjecting it to chemicals which may cause damage to your strands that’s why proper hair care and maintenance is highly essential if you want to keep your tresses healthy as possible. Although, when you already have a beautiful perm, there will be times when you feel the need to add length and volume to it especially when you attend parties or any kind of special occasion. It would be a great idea to wear a set of good quality curly hair extensions to match your permed hair.

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Usually, a perm lasts for about six months but longer when you take all the necessary means to maintain it. Here are effective tips from the professionals on the best way to take care of your perm.

1. Wait 48 hours before washing
After stepping out of the salon with a newly permed hair, you will have to wait for at least 48 hours before you wash your locks. This will give time for the chemicals and hair proteins to settle in your tresses. For the first 2 days, keep them dry as possible so that the curls will remain intact and will hold longer.

2. Refrain from touching
I know it can be really tempting to touch those lovely new curls but you have to fight the urge for at least dew days. This will ensure that the perming chemicals settle in properly and the curls are maintained. Leave your locks loose and avoid styling them for the first few days as well. Avoid braiding and using hair elastic bands and clips which could deform the shape of your curls. If ever there’s a need for you to tie your locks, make sure to tie it loosely.

3. Use wide-toothed comb instead of brush
When you detangle your permed hair, always keep in mind to gently comb it using a wide-toothed comb. Avoid brushing your permed tresses as this will separate the curls and could make them frizzy. If you don’t have a wide-toothed comb, you can make use of your fingers to carefully comb your strands. We recommend that you do the combing after applying conditioner as this will help seal in the moisture to your strands.

4. Shampoo less, condition more
Your tresses have been through chemical treatment which makes them more vulnerable to dryness and damage. You have to provide them with extra care since they’re more delicate. It is recommended to shampoo them at least once a week and condition every day. They have to be well moisturised since the natural oils your hair produces may have been stripped off during the perming process. You can bring back the lost moisture and luster by applying a good quality moisturising conditioner specially formulated for permed and chemically treated locks. Make sure to put more at the ends where the driest parts of your strands are found.