Has your hair lost its original sheen from constant colouring? Has it gone to stiff and lifeless after extreme colouring? Sometimes you do pay the price of getting a new look, particularly changing your hair tone. There are two ways to change the way your hair looks, go pure like going for natural or organic hair colour or hair extensions. For hair extensions, it is pretty easy to apply and absolutely no downtime. Just make sure to pick out Remy human hair so that it can blend well with your own. Human Hair Extensions Online offers you only the best quality Remy hair in clip-in and tape extensions which are so popular these days.

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If you are not so fond of hair extensions, then let’s go for option number two, organic hair colour. This type of dye is absolutely chemical or ammonia-free so your hair is not prone to dry, brittle hair to damage hair. On that note, I will list down reason why you should go natural and start contemplating on vege hair dye.


Maintains hair construction

The typical hair colour products destroy the hair by stripping them of their own natural oils, leaving them dry, brittle and easily falls off. With vege hair dye, however, it does not change the hair construction so it still look and feel the same.

Safe to use even for pregnant women

It it sad to think that pregnant women are discouraged from coloring their hair the entire pregnancy period up till weaning the baby from the mother’s milk, which would roughly take 2 to 3 yrs before they can change their hair colour. Not with vege hair colour as this is proven to be safe and effective even for pregnant women.

Can be readily washed off

If you are the type to get easily bored with your hair tone, then this is a perfect alternative for you, just wash it with 10 different shampoos and they’re gone. You can enjoy changing your hair colour as often as you want without experiencing the ill effects of the dye.

After having said that, who can say no to organic hair colour? They certainly can cover your beauty requirements without harming your strands. And the good thing is there are a lot of colours available now, which can give you a wider selection. Don’t limit yourself, try it out now!