Own the most sought-after hair trend, ombre, is still very much in because of its low maintenance. In fact you still get to see them everywhere TV, runway and magazine so you can enjoy being brazenly bold or use subtle hues. You can also have fun colours but if your job is preventing you from getting that exciting colour you can always get a clip in hair extensions.

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Why get stuck with one hair tone when you can play with 3 tones to get a more exciting hairstyle? Ombre tones does not have to be brown and blondes it can be an interesting transition like chocolate to cherry or any bright colour combo you might like to try. You can go pink or blue to give your hair an invigorating new appearance.

This trend first came to the scene five years ago, still going strong and does not look like it’s going away. They have became a favourite hair style for most celebrities, long and short hair alike. Although, the fad started with so many eyebrow raising “A” crowd but finally relented in the end realizing that this hair fixation is here to stay and undoubtedly still the hottest.

Ombre is subtle, exquisite and sophisticated choice for a more natural look. It looks great for day time and evening affair. There are so many ombre hair extensions in Australia and most are from browns to blonde and reds. If you can check the tones below these are for those who are not into a bolder tones.

ombre hairstyle

For all those who are more dauntlessly and unafraid to try a more audacious colour we also have great ideas.

If you have not found the perfect shade for you, you can have one customized colour just for yourself. To create your own ombre hair extensions you will be needing a set of clip in hair extensions, dye kit, mixing bowl, and tint brush. To avoid destroying your hair extensions instead of bleaching it, you dye the top portion of the hair 2 shades darker than your ends.

The middle part of the extensions should be slightly lighter than the top or a shade darker than the ends. But it’s is always a good practice to do a strand test before dyeing your extensions and follow instructions included in the package by the manufacturer to avoid mishaps.

Get your fabulous do and be stunning!