ombre hair

It all started as a trend that we thought would go away soon, but it proved to be wrong. More and more women are becoming obsessed with it as time goes by. The fad doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Who wouldn’t fall for the Ombre look? It has become understated, natural and absolutely wearable, according to one Hollywood’s colourists. This hair trend is not waning one bit and celebrities have confirmed that it is still popular.

This style has also given brunettes more alternatives than before. More and more women are jumping on the bandwagon justifying its mass appeal.

Budget wise this hairstyle is cost friendly as it does not require any frequent visits to a salon to maintain its tone, thus saving you tons of money. In fact you could easily do it at home with a DIY kit.

Feeling apprehensive about trying it out on your own hair? Why not opt for Ombre tape extensions to get the look? This could be your best choice as there is no need to subject your hair to harsh chemical-laden products to get the desired hue. Clip in is also another alternative if you don’t want permanent extensions.

First reason for its popularity is because you get to try out colours which are literally new to you. I know where you’re coming from, I’ve been there. Fears not, with Ombre tapes you can definitely try and achieve the look without too much of a commitment, if you don’t like it you can simply remove the tapes which are an added advantage.

Another reason why this look is so popular is because it is stylish, fun and can spice up your hair like no other. Their seamless tones are intricately well blended together and harmonizes perfectly with you natural hair. It’s perfect. No buts about it.

Ombre tape extensions are so flexible that you can wear them during summer or in the colder months. You can have beachy waves, braids or up-do hairstyles! It’s entirely up to you; anyway you choose it will look gorgeous.

As a bonus I can share a tip or two from a well-renowned Hollywood colourist, Tracey Cunningham:

  • Always provide an image of the Ombre style you wish to copy so that the stylist will be able to visualize it and therefore easier to recreate.
  • Avoid looking like you just dipped your ends in bleach as it would look abrupt and unnatural. Use two to three colours and gloss for a seamless look.

This style is not yet ready to surrender. It has become a mainstream look and women all over the world are embracing it. Why not try Ombre tape extensions for yourself.

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