Aside from dry hair, oily locks is a common hair problem that most women struggle with. It’s a hindrance to achieving some of your favourite hairstyles since you can’t easily style your locks when they’re too greasy and heavy. When you’re wearing hair extensions or any hair accessory, it could be really troublesome as well if you have oily tresses. The accessory or extension product that you attach to your head, slips out easily and don’t last long than they should. The good thing is, even if it’s one of the peskiest problems your tresses have to go through, it’s also one of the easiest to solve.

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Several Factors can cause oily tresses including stress, excessive eating of oily food, bad hair care habits, the hormonal fluctuation due to menstruation and heredity. If you are currently suffering from oily locks, we recommend that you treat it right away to prevent further damage to your much-loved strands. Here are quick and effective tips on how to get rid of greasy or oily hair.

1. Determine a wash cycle that best suits you
Contrary to what most people think, it’s not ideal to wash your tresses every day even if you have naturally oily locks. Most of us think that the best remedy to a greasy scalp is washing your locks every single day just so you can wash off any excess oil but this idea is all wrong. When you shampoo your scalp every day or every other day, this will lead to your tresses producing more oil since your strands and your scalp will try to compensate for the oil that has been stripped off. It is recommended to wash your locks 2- 3 times per week.

2. Slack off on using conditioner
If you’re one who loves to slather on your conditioner, we recommend that you minimise the use of it to reduce oil buildup. Apply the conditioner to the length of the strands especially at the tips where the hair needs more conditioning. Do not apply it at the roots, let the natural oils produced in your scalp do their job in moisturising your roots.

3. Hands off, please
As much as you want to touch your locks every moment of the day especially when they feel irresistibly soft and flawless but you just have to resist the urge to do so. Why? We’re not saying that you shouldn’t trust your sanitizer but we still can’t guarantee that your hands are germ-free and oil-free all throughout the day. If you keep touching your strands, you might transfer those to your hair making it dirty and oily. Now, you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?