Hold up, babe! We know that most members of the workforce are now working from the comfort of their homes as we help flatten the curve. Now, even if we work from home, we still expect zoom meetings as if we are working on-site, and “being at home” should not be an excuse for us to face our work colleagues in our pajamas and messy bedhead hair, right?

Well, if working from home looks have been one of your quarantine challenges, fret not! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share some Officevibe Look from Home with Hair Extensions and maintain that professional vibe while looking fabulous.


Who does not love ponytails? Ponytail hairstyle has been a timeless hairstyle for women with long hair and this look is often associated with sophistication and exudes that classy vibe. It helps keep hair away from the face and gives you that overall sleek and neat look.

To give that ponytail hairstyle an extra volume and length, we highly recommend adding Ponytail hair extensions to it.

CLASSIC LOW PONYTAIL. If you are looking for the simplest ponytail variation, this is it! This style pretty much suits any day, any occasion and is easy to do. Simply sweep your hair to the back into a low ponytail and use an elastic to tie them. Of course, you can also use a section of your hair to wrap the ponytail base so the elastic goes unnoticed. Then lock the hair wrap using a bobby pin.


From @blohaute

OVERLAPPING LOW PONYTAIL. Want to make that low ponytail extra unique? Try this crisscross-like low ponytail. It’s an unusual ponytail that you surely won’t see every day! This look also goes well with your mini black dress and red stilettos for that Saturday Night dinner with a loved one or friends. But mostly, you can definitely wear this to work and slay the busy day like a diva!



From @blohaute

HIGH PONYTAIL.Want an Ariana Grande vibe? High ponytail is for you! Simply gather your hair to the back and about mid-head to crown area level, then tie the hair with an elastic. Similar to a low ponytail, you can also use a section of your hair or hair extensions and wrap it around the base to conceal the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. And voila! You’re all set for your next board meeting via zoom.


PS: You can also make it a little fancy with some loose curls or waves using your favorite ceramic curling wand.

By @myhheo and @laurengreig


You can definitely look professional and sweet at the same time with this romantic one-sided clipped waves. Yes, sweetheart, this ain’t just for that romantic date vibe. You can definitely look like a doll while slaying that business meeting on zoom. Simply curl your hair or create soft waves with your ceramic curling wand, sweep one side of your hair to the back of your ear and secure it with your favorite hair clip. 

To add more volume to your curls and make your hair look fuller, you may want to add a few pieces of clip-in hair extensions too.

By @danigarka


If you are trying to stay away from styling your hair too much and spending time combing your hair and getting a certain hairstyle done, you may as well play with colour instead by adding some highlights! Highlights can help add more definition or depth to your hair and all you need is a little hair waves here and there and you’re done!

To achieve highlights without having to bleach your natural hair, you may consider putting on some tape-in hair extensions Sydney brand available online or at your local hair extensions store. Simply choose a colour that is lighter than your natural hair and have it installed by your hairdresser and enjoy that camera-ready hair anytime!

By @adina_pignatare

Always remember that, despite being in quarantine or working away from your workplace and not seeing your colleagues in person, there is no excuse for us to not spruce up our style and continuously be creative with our hair.

Got some work from home hairstyle or quarantine look to share? Send us an email at info@hheo.com.au now or call us at 1300-489-337.