An ongoing problem for most women who have fine hair is how to give that hair new strength, weight and volume. Although at key events and occasions we can address this issue by using quality hair extensions to get the best effect, during the average working week we might find ourselves looking for a natural solution.

Thicker looking hair, the natural way…

  • Let us start by regularly trimming your hair every 1 and a half month to get rid of your split ends. Cutting 1 inch every now and then not only helps get rid of split ends, but also helps in growing new healthier tips.
  • Take the right vitamins for your hair as this is absolutely neccessary. If you want your hair to be truly healthy you’ll need to nuture it from inside the body too. The health of your hair depends on what food you eat. Sometimes our food may not be enough to supply all our hair needs thats why we have supplements to help us comply with those needs.
  • Wash your hair only 1-2 times a week to allow natural oils to condition your hair. Soak your hair with an sunflower, rosemary and jojoba oil mixture, leaving it for an hour to allow the oils to deeply penetrate your hair follicles. Sunflower oil does a wonderful job in reparing damaged hair. While both rosemary and jojoba oil stimulate cell regeneration in the hair follicle, which means new healthy hair is growing. Rinse off the essential oils after an hour with an organic apple cider vinegar. The organic apple cider wont dry out your scalp but rather the vinegar’s acidity will balance the natural PH level which, in turn, revitalises and gives shine to dull hair.
  • Use a particular shampoo that stimulates hair follicle, choose one containing peptide complex to strengthen the roots.
  • Make it a habit to apply Moroccan oil to your damp hair to supply them the nutrients they need. This amazing oil is good for all hair types and is full of fatty acids and anti-oxidants to make your hair healthier, stronger and shinier. It has also been observed to have thicken the hair of those who have been using it for quite sometime.
  • Last is to massage Rogaine for women unto your scalp for 5 minutes just before bedtime. This has tremendously help a lot of women and can be use to achieve your desired results.

If you continue to follow this regimen diligently for 3 months then you will absolutely be astounded by the fruits of your labour.

So go get the beautifully thick hair you have always dreamed of…