Ever caught up in a situation where you want to shop for those hair extensions, but then you realised that you are out of funds? I guess we all have had that moment once in our lives where we badly want to buy something, but our pockets are just down and out.

Nowadays, people mostly shop using their credit cards as it provides convenience and many other benefits like earning rewards, purchase protection and a lot more. But what if you run out of credits to spend on your card and you badly need some funds to pay for those luscious hair extensions? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to get caught with financial embarrassment.

ZipPay is a new easy interest-free payment option that allows you to buy now and pay for the goods later. It’s very easy to use and is accepted by thousands of physical and online stores across Australia. Simply sign up for an account, get approved and start shopping or create an account at the HHEO checkout.


Once you’ve made a purchase, simply choose from the different repayment schedules available: Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly, and stick to the plan until you get to pay-off your purchase balance. Works like your regular installment on credit cards right? Just minus the interest. The minimum monthly repayment is $40.00, a $6.00 monthly fee applies which will be waived if the balance is completely paid by due date.


Now aside from being your emergency fund source for your hair extensions or other shopping needs, the best thing about zipPay is that it doesn’t charge you any interests, unlike credit cards. A monthly minimum payment of $40 is required to help make sure that you’re on the track of paying off your balance.

Shop with ease using zipPay as it is available across Australia. So whether you’re trying to get a new set of hair extensions online or a retail shopfront, you wouldn’t have to worry about being embarrassed at the counter in case you didn’t carry enough cash with you or you’re almost exceeding your credit limit on your credit card.

Another thing about this buy now pay later service is that you are in control of the amount you borrow. Unlike other loans where you may be granted too much or too little credit, Zippay allows you to only use the amount you only need for a purchase without having to go beyond your actual spending power. This is very helpful as you would not have to end up worrying about paying off huge balances and avoid impulsive shopping.

Lastly, it offers very flexible payment plans. As long as you meet the minimum payment amount of $40 every month, you may easily create your repayments based on your financial standing. You may also set-up automatic debit from your account for your repayments just in case if you’re too busy to take care of payments or simply have a lot of things going on that you might just forget about your repayment schedules.

Indeed, Zippay offers customers a great new way of shopping whether online or at a physical store. So even if you’re short of funds, you still can buy the goods that you need and pay for them later by simply choosing the best repayment schedules and most of all avoid interest fees which is the best part of the deal!