Hair extensions Perth


There are many different hair extension options in Perth. You have remy hair extensions, non-remy hair, synthetic hair, European hair, Russian hair, Asian hair, Chinese hair, Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, Mongolian Hair and Indian hair all of which happen to be all natural hair extensions Perth except for the synthetic hair.

If you are after high quality hair extensions then your best natural hair extension option is remy hair extensions. You then face the issue of which origin of hair you should purchase. You will find many sellers in Perth offering European or Russian hair extensions the only issue is probably 99% that these sellers are not actually selling Russian hair.

It is more than likely going to be Chinese hair, Asian or Indian hair. You can almost immediately tell by the price, for authentic Russian or European hair you’re looking at over $1000 for a full headset. Anything around $100 to $300 mark is 100% going to be from India or Asia.

There are also many different hair extension methods that you have the option of choosing when looking for natural hair extensions Perth. This can consist of tape in, clip ins, micro bead weft, skin weft, machine weft, I-tip, U-tip, nano bead, micro tape, the new halo method the list goes on.

Not only will you find this item in Perth you will also find them right around Australia. We are a hair extensions company actually based in Sydney but offer express post option to Perth. If you’re living in the CBD or very very close to it we can even get the hair to you the very next business day.

If you are further out from Perth then it may took up a good part of the week to get to you. Human Hair Extensions Online has a lot of customer based in Perth basically because a lot of people from that area like to have natural hair extensions in Perth. And they know that we’re a reputable company they can trust that are selling authentic products made with high quality remy hair that will last over 24 months if the hair is looked after properly.

To keep your hair extensions having a natural look there are many products you can use as in protein treatments, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners, you can use heat protectors when straightening, curling or drying. The best person to talk to about these options would be your local hairdresser that does hair extensions as she would have many products in stock already.

If you would like to purchase this from us we do stock what we do believe as the best for our extensions. So it will definitely extend the life of the product. If you have any more questions about where else you can get natural hair extensions Perth please feel free to contact our customer service and we can give you contact information of salons we supply in Perth, this way you can go to them to look and feel the product before you can even purchase.