The use of the straightening iron requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the user. It can also do significant damage to strands and any Human Hair Extensions Online products among them, especially when it is done every so often. Good thing that today, there are two alternatives available: Brazilian straightening and thermal reconditioning. While these should only be done in highly reputed salons, they are so effective in straightening that you will most likely not need to use the iron again until a few months have passed. Know more about these procedures by going through the information highlighted below.


Brazilian Straightening
* Look for a salon that can do Brazilian straightening, which is also known as Brazilian Blowout or Brazilian Keratin.

* Let salon professionals assess the suitability of your natural strands to this kind of straightening treatment. If they find that your locks are too thin or too damaged, stylists will not allow you to go through the treatment.

* Provided that the salon professional will allow you to go through the treatment, you should then determine how strong the effect should be. Do you want strands to be pin-straight, or would you want them just naturally straight? Regardless of your choice, inform the stylist afterwards. They might have ideas that might be better for you.

* Go through the treatment in the salon. Once on the seat, the stylist applies the product, blow-dries your locks, and irons it for what will be the last time in a few months. When the whole process has been done, you should avoid washing it for the next four days.

* Enjoy your newly-straightened strands. Keep in mind that while you will still need to do a few procedures so that they will look a certain way for a certain event or occasion, you will notice a cutting down of your daily routine.

Thermal Reconditioning
* Before you even consider thermal reconditioning for your locks, you first need to know what it is. Basically, this process aims to straight-up break hair bonds so you will be left with strands that are as straight as pins and will never curl. That said, it’s effective on wavy and medium strands, not super kinky strands.

* If you’re still interested in the process, you should then look for a salon that offers this service. That said, you should also look for seasoned professionals. After all, this process is so challenging to do that a simple mistake can mean serious damage to the strands.

* Spend an entire day inside the salon! You may need to be inside for eight hours depending on the type and volume of your locks. For touch-ups, you’ll need to spend up to four hours inside. Regardless of purpose, the hairstylist saturates strands with a certain chemical solution. She will then rinse, wash, dry, and iron the strands.

* Never wash or style locks until three days have passed. Basically, just leave your locks as is.

Either solution can help make locks appear no different from the natural hair extensions from Newcastle that can be purchased from the HHEO online store. But because of various factors, one treatment or solution may not work for you. For this reason, make sure to get your strands assessed prior to choosing a treatment.